Will there be a “thaw” after the meeting between Putin and Biden

Together with political scientists, we are figuring out whether detente will begin after the conversation between the presidents of Russia and the United States

On June 16, in Geneva, Vladimir Putin will meet with Joe Biden. This rendezvous between the two presidents could be the main political event of the year. And the cover of Time magazine is dedicated to him in advance (despite the fact that the G7 and NATO summits were held on the same days, they remained in the shadows). And it was in vain that Vladimir Zelensky begged for a personal meeting with the President of the United States, without fail before his conversation with Putin. Apparently, he feels that they can decide a lot, including the fate of Ukraine.

And the adviser to the British Prime Minister immediately flew to Moscow for consultations. And the Americans suddenly admitted that they could not stop the completion of the Nord Stream 2 …

Everyone is waiting.

But what exactly Putin and Biden will talk about is a mystery. Officially – about world security and regional conflicts. Such a vague formula can include nuclear missiles, the coronavirus, Ukraine, and much more … And most importantly, the relationship between the US and Russia themselves.

KP, together with political analysts, tried to predict how the summit in Geneva might end up in the end.

Recently, Vladimir Putin made it clear that Ukraine’s premier to NATO is unacceptable for Russia . “The flight time (rockets. – Ed.) From Kharkov to Moscow will decrease to 7-10 minutes. Is this a “red line” for us or not? ” – the President asked.