Why Biden refused a joint press conference with Putin

The American president is ready to answer only the questions of “his” press after the talks in Geneva

The upcoming meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden has not yet begun, but has already presented the first surprises. The White House announced that the US president would not hold a joint press conference , but would come out to the press separately. Probably, it is worth noting that this will be an outlet for “their” press. Where only those journalists will be given the floor, as it was already at the first big press conference of Joe Biden with journalists, the answers to which will be prepared in advance and will lie in the pocket of the American president.

But until recently, the press secretary of the White House Jen Psaki expressed “hope that the presidents of Russia and the United States will hold a joint press conference following the meeting on June 16 in Geneva.” And Moscow did not mind. The Kremlin said that Putin is ready for any meeting with journalists in any format. Moscow also treated the new decision of the American side with increased delicacy.

  • As we know, the US President also held a separate press conference in England. They did not hold a joint press conference with Boris Johnson. Therefore, we also learned that Mr. Biden is planning to hold a separate press conference. As we previously stated, after the talks, President Putin will also come out separately to communicate with the press, – said the press secretary of the Russian president Dmitry Peskov , noting that for the United States, the communication of the head of state with journalists in this format has now become a common practice.

Indeed, after negotiations with Boris Johnson, the Americans surprised the British by refusing to hold a joint press conference. And all the cries of the press, demanding communication, disappeared in vain. Biden went out only to his trusted journalists and spent quite a bit of time on them, getting off with general words. Now imagine that not only proven footage from the American democratic media will come to the joint press conference, but also the Russians, and the French, and the Germans, and the British. Who will need to be given the floor and the right to ask a question. And you can’t put a teleprompter in front of Joe, and you can’t say a lot in your ear, and he may not hear everything. This is a real disaster!

And then there is Putin himself, with whom Biden has already refused to speak publicly. Do you remember how he answered affirmatively to the provocative question of an American journalist whether Joe considers Vladimir Putin a “killer”? The President of Russia then suggested that the head of the White House hold a public dialogue, but Biden immediately found things to do. Either it was necessary to fly to Arkansas to open a kindergarten, or in Kansas to congratulate local schoolchildren on something. In general, there is no time for you here and the international situation.

However, Biden and his team do not even need any outside influence. They themselves can handle any crisis. One had only to fly to the G7 summit, and on the very first day Jen Psaki made a mistake with the title of Queen of Great Britain, moreover, twice, and Biden himself was late for dinner, having arrived after the Queen, which is tantamount to a gross violation of protocol. To some extent, of course, he can be excused for getting lost , getting lost and going into some cafe, and everyone was looking for him, but his own wife eventually found him in this summer cafe.

Even he himself does not know what Biden will be able to soak before meeting with Putin, but he has plenty of time for all sorts of surprises. However, even while in the United States, he made such kunstyuks that the jaws of those around him literally fell off from surprise. For example, Biden regularly mixes up words (he called vaccination escalation), people (called Donald Trump George W. Bush), and named fifth graders in Virginia high school students. Less than a month ago, he announced that he began his political career 180 years ago. But he had a separate song with abbreviations. So, twice in a row, he called the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF an incomprehensible abbreviation AFT. And already in England, speaking at a US military base in Suffolk instead of the RAF (Royal Air Force) said “RFA”. It was even fun for the American pilots, but the English were seriously offended, because “RFA” is an abbreviation for foul language in English. And as he called himself and his family members during the election campaign, it has already become an American anecdote.