Why and how often do people vaccinated against coronavirus get sick with covid?

We tell you what is known about the number of diseases among the vaccinated, and what are the most common causes of infection in practice

  • If we take people who are now in hospitals (in the Moscow region – Ed.), Then about 8-10% are those people who were vaccinated or were sick earlier, – said at the beginning of this week the Minister of Health of the Moscow Region Svetlana Strigunkova, words which is quoted by the TASS agency . At the same time, the head of the Moscow Region Ministry of Health did not specify what proportion of the named number is made up of vaccinated patients.

More accurate data were released by the Moscow authorities at the end of March this year. By that time, about a thousand vaccinated residents of the capital, or 0.1% of those vaccinated by Sputnik V, had received the diagnosis of COVID-19 . Of this thousand, according to the Moscow headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, 76% suffered the infection asymptomatically or in a mild form. Accordingly, the remaining quarter (250 people) suffered from moderate or severe illness. An important nuance: then a new, more infectious and aggressive Indian strain of the “crown” did not appear in the capital .