Why a Global Approach is Essential For Your Business Growth

Why a Global Approach is Essential For Your Business Growth

The world has changed permanently over the last few years. Businesses are starting and failing every single day, and there is one unique factor that helps successful businesses stand out above the rest.

They take a global approach to hiring talent. 

If you aren’t sure where to start and how to find the right overseas worker for your business, Scale-X Solutions can help.

Founded in 2019 by serial entrepreneurs Rejin Rajan and Darshan Chavan, Scale-X Solutions specialise in helping businesses across Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada to find offshore staff in the Philippines who can complete time-consuming business tasks.

From Virtual Assistants to bookkeepers, customer service to administration, outsourcing these tasks to a high-quality offshore worker gives you the ability to scale your business without spending huge amounts of money. 

As Rejin and Darshan say:

“Humanity is shifting from small, isolated workplaces defined by suburbs, towns, cities, and counties towards a singular global working community.  Scale-X can help your business connect to this new world order!”

Rejin and Darshan have over 15 years of experience outsourcing staff and were able to use their system effectively to scale a previous business. They found that “A player” offshore workers had the same productivity levels as locals, but for half the salary. 

Other business owners began asking how they could scale by doing the same thing. Scale-X Solutions was created to meet this demand. 

It’s safe to say the business has been growing from strength to strength and was recently declared the ‘66th Fastest Growing Company in Australia’!

The Scale-X approach to finding these “A players” for businesses is simple. They have a network of experienced recruiters working throughout the Philippines, using up to 10 different channels to find the best talent. 

All potential workers need to go through an in-depth personality profiling system and a rigorous test to ensure they have the right attitude and skill level to work with Scale-X clients. 

Every candidate needs to be highly educated with strong English-speaking abilities and have a minimum of 5 years of experience working with offshore companies.

“We aren’t interested in super cheap and under-skilled labour – we’re trying to create a win-win situation for both businesses and offshore workers.”

There is no doubt that there are huge labor shortages across industries around the world. Companies are suffering because they can’t find workers, which stops them from taking on new business and filling gaps internally.

As a business owner, you might find yourself constantly juggling tasks. Outsourcing lower-value and time-consuming activities allow you to focus on the strategy needed to drive your business forward. 

Scale-X Solutions do all the hard work for you, making it much quicker and easier for you to find the right talent. You have your own Account Manager, who performs regular check-ins to ensure the right support is being provided to accelerate your business prospects, and that the offshore worker is fitting into your culture and delivering high performance. 

And if a relationship isn’t working out, they will find you a new worker that will be a better fit.

“What we’re trying to do is give time back to business owners. One of our clients recently took a 3-week vacation after years of no time off, and she fully relaxed because her business was working in the background thanks to offshore support.”

Finding a stable job with a reasonable salary and great culture is not easy for many people in the Philippines. The gratitude and drive of the workers come from a much deeper place than you might expect:

“If a single mum starts working with our clients, she can use her salary to create a better life for her children – the most important people in her life. We have a worker who had a leaking roof for over 3 years. Once she started working with one of our clients, she was finally able to fix it. Her employment has transformed her life in ways we could never have expected. 

Not only that, but Scale-X Solutions has a mission greater than simply helping businesses and workers. They partner with Destiny Research, an organisation that works to help children avoid sexual slavery. Every business they work with also helps to positively impact the world by supporting this cause. 

The future is here – and it is clear that it is global. Are you ready to get involved?

To find out more about how offshore workers can help explode your business growth, visit the Scale-X Solutions website

To help even more business owners, Scale-X Solutions will also be launching an exciting new course for business owners, covering the ‘8 Steps to Scaling Your Business with Offshore Strategy’. Check out the website to keep up to date with an official launch date!