Where will they not be allowed without coronavirus vaccination: which organizations have introduced restrictions in Moscow

The site kp.ru is making a list of places in Moscow that will now be allowed only with a vaccine against coronavirus

Life in the capital is changing in the wake of the coronavirus outbreaks. In the last week, 5000-9000 cases are detected in the city every day . These are large numbers compared to spring rates. The Moscow authorities could not help but react and introduced compulsory vaccination for 60% of employees of enterprises. Various organizations in the capital are also trying to avoid the spread of the infection. We will tell you where you cannot go now without a vaccination certificate .

The first restrictions were introduced in the capital’s MFCs – most services (issuing a passport of the Russian Federation, registering a marriage, registering a child’s birth, and others) can be obtained exclusively by appointment, and for vaccinated citizens a pre-registration is not required.

Vaccination: you can use all the services of the centers without an appointment. To complete the paperwork, you need to show the vaccination certificate to the administrator.

Without vaccination: make an appointment on the mos.ru portal. The appointment is personal in nature – an applicant who is going to come to the center for an appointment must sign up using his account on the portal. Important: do not be late, otherwise the administrator will not issue a coupon for receiving services.

Moscow hospitals have introduced new rules for the provision of routine medical care, since it is impossible to exclude contacts on the territory of the hospital and isolate each patient.

  • Emergency medical care will be provided, without exception, to every resident of the city, regardless of his vaccination status. Surgical interventions and other necessary manipulations are carried out to such patients in full, – said the Moscow Department of Health.

With vaccination: routine care (hospitalization) will be provided.

Without vaccination: hospitalization will be refused. But patients who have medical contraindications for vaccination will be hospitalized (their presence is determined by the hospital doctor), as well as patients with oncological and hematological diseases. The restrictions do not apply to the provision of palliative care.

Sites of justices of the peace
Justices of the peace in Moscow will hold a personal reception only for citizens who have been vaccinated against coronavirus infection or have received a certificate of the presence of antibodies.

  • Citizens can submit procedural documents using postal services or personal account on the mos-sud.ru portal. Access to court buildings of persons who are not participants in the processes (including representatives of the media) is temporarily restricted, with the exception of those who have a certificate of vaccination or a certificate of the presence of antibodies, the department said.

Vaccination: Personal appointment will be held.

Without vaccination : personal reception of citizens is temporarily suspended.