What to eat to improve memory?

To improve memory and brain function, you need to eat five foods – this information has recently appeared in a number of well-known media

The theory that certain foods can help to normalize the functioning of certain organs is not new: it is obvious that the diet largely determines the state of health. However, can it become an alternative to the standard approach to improving or stabilizing cognitive functions?

We eat, we grow wiser, we remember everything!

In order to keep the brain and memory in good working order, it is suggested [1] to include in your diet:

• oily fish and flaxseed oil. These products contain the well-known omega-3 acids. They have a beneficial effect on cognitive functions [2] – including memory and attention. Recently, there has been an increased demand for dietary supplements with this substance, but it can also be obtained from food. To do this, it is recommended to arrange “fish days” at least twice a week. But it is very important to eat exactly fatty varieties of sea fish – mackerel, herring … No matter how much you love white lean fish, it does not contain enough omega-3;

• flaxseed oil is also rich in omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and will be a good solution for those who, for some reason, cannot eat fatty fish (allergies, doctor’s restrictions, vegetarianism, etc.). Flaxseed oil has a specific taste, you need to get used to it. It is eaten raw – usually as a salad dressing;

• egg yolk – it contains the vitamin-like substance choline. Choline has a beneficial effect on concentration, improves memory, normalizes thinking processes [3]. Choline has a beneficial effect regardless of how the egg is cooked [1];

• dark chocolate – and that’s good news. Experts associate its benefits with the presence in the composition of both glucose (it is, however, not uncommon in the diet of a modern person), and antioxidants and flavonoids in cocoa beans. These substances help counteract free radicals [1].

And you don’t need a doctor?

However, it cannot be said that dietary changes will dramatically lead to significant improvements in cognitive ability.

Moreover, memory impairments should be corrected exclusively by a specialist. When we talk about pathologies, we mean conditions that worsen the quality of life. This is not the absent-mindedness that happens to everyone – from lack of sleep and so beloved by employers activities in the “multitasking” mode.

If in doubt about your condition, be sure to consult a doctor. Medicine today is able to correct the situation with impaired memory and other cognitive functions. Of course, if you do not delay to the last.

If there is no suspicion of a serious pathology, the patient may be recommended sparing medicines, with a small list of contraindications. For example, such as the French drug Tanakan , the therapy for which is prescribed for the symptomatic treatment of cognitive impairment [4].

It contains plant extract EGb761. This component not only prevents the formation of free radicals, but also contributes to:

• improving cerebral blood supply;

• increasing tissue resistance to hypoxia;

• supplying the brain with oxygen and glucose;

• normalization of the tone of arteries and veins;

• improving metabolic processes [4].

Therapy on the example of Tanakan is prescribed as part of complex therapy, since it is usually combined with other drugs [5].

Remember that before using any medications, you should consult a specialist and read the instructions!