What threatens Cristiano Ronaldo for a demarche against Coca-Cola

If the Portuguese played for the Russian national team, he would have paid 3000 euros, but what if he was given a bonus?

Cristiano Ronaldo again attracted attention. On the eve of the start of the Portuguese national team for Euro 2020, the star Portuguese at a press conference demonstrativelyremoved the bottles from the tableCoca-Cola. “Drink water!” – proclaimed KriRo. This is because Ronaldo is against sugar consumption. This is how he expressed his attitude to harmful sodas with the highest carbohydrate content.

The scandal turned out to be global. After all, Coca-Cola pays UEFA millions of euros for advertising. So what now threatens Krish for his protest?

What are the penalties in the national team for insulting sponsors

If the striker played for the Russian national team, then he would face a fine of $ 3,000 from the RFU, plus compensation for damage caused as a result of the violation. This is exactly what is written in the regulation on penalties for violation of sponsorship obligations. But each team has its own laws.

What threatens Ronaldo in Portugal is not easy to predict, it all depends on the system of penalties for the Portuguese, as well as on the reaction of the soda company and the reaction of UEFA to the incident. And also from the desire of the Portuguese Football Federation to go into conflict with its superstar. Most likely, Cristiano will only receive additional popularity.

Why did he do it?

Winner of five Ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo has always been against soda. “I have a tough relationship with my son. Sometimes he drinks cola and eats chips, but he knows that I don’t like it, ”said Ronaldo. In general, he is a great advocate of proper nutrition. KriRo is very selective with food, and drinks only water and fruit juices. Unlike his main rival Leo Messi, who has been the face of Pepsi from a young age.