What shouted Dziuba at an open training session of the Russian national team

Fans at the Dynamo stadium accompanied the national team to Euro 2020

The open training session of the Russian national team was impressive. Beat of drums. Chanting “Russia! Russia!”. Applause for every successful player action. And above all this action, a desperate cry “Dziuba, I love you!” Everything would be fine, only the voice was male.

Correspondents of “KP Sport” attended the lesson of the Cherchesov team, which took place at the “Dynamo” stadium, and where everyone who wished to take the national team to Euro 2020…

Nikita Simonyan: “I would like to wish the national team to play better in attack and defense”

It rained all day in the capital, but this, of course, is not a reason to cancel the training.

– Last year, the championship was canceled due to a pandemic, and the rain is nonsense. We all sat at home, I want some movement, energy. Shout, cheer, like at the 2018 World Cup, says the fan Nikolai Smirnov.

True, the same results are not expected from the team. The Russian national team will begin their tournament path to Euro 2020 from a meeting on June 12 with Belgium. The team of “red devils” is now in the favorites among the bookmakers. Not in favor of the Russian national team, and the fact that defender Fedor Kudryashov was injured is a serious problem for the defense line.

– Maybe at least the date will stimulate them? The match will take place on June 12 – on the Day of Russia, – said the fan Dmitry Nikitin.

The legend of the Russian national team Diniyar Bilyaletdinov came to evaluate the team’s preparation. And immediately he gathered around him a crowd of people who wanted to get an autograph, take a selfie.

At the stadium one could also meet the star of Soviet football, Honored Coach of the USSR Nikita Simonyan.

– What can I wish for the national team? It is good to play both offensively and defensively. And wish you luck, – said Nikita Simonyan.

An excellent installation actually. And one, and the second and even more so the third will never hurt our teams.

“And let’s shout” Cher-che-sov! “

A lot of children gathered in the stands – the most sincere football fans. The boys brought posters “Dziuba is the best! Go Russia!”. The girls drew the flag of Russia on their cheeks. But someone pragmatically painted posters asking football players to give them a T-shirt.

Some guy on the poster printed the name of the player. I started with D. And people around were betting who it would be. Dziuba? Dupine? Daniil Fomin? It turned out to be Diveev.

The team lined up along the central circle and there was only one player missing.

– Miranchuk was late. Vaughn ran out, – shouted 11-year-old Dima.

– Dziuba, Dziuba!

– Russia, Russia!

– And let’s shout “Cher-che-sov!”?

– No, don’t. He’s serious.