What is entrepreneurship? Different Types of Entrepreneurs

Who are Entrepreneur and chracteristics of entrepreneur
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Entrepreneurs are those persons who start a business taking a financial risk in a hope of making a profit. Similarly, Entrepreneurship is the process of setting up businesses. An entrepreneur is an innovator who came with new ideas of business or procedures. These days entrepreneurship has become one of the major contributors to the country’s growth and economy. Similarly, there are many companies that were started by entrepreneurs, and today they are billion-dollar companies. 

Who are Entrepreneur and chracteristics of entrepreneur
Source: westend61.de

Anyone who has a good vision and idea to create something or to bring something new to society is an entrepreneur. You can also become an entrepreneur if you have innovative ideas to create to give something to society. Entrepreneurs are always of different types they think differently than average people are innovative in nature.

Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur.

  1. Creativity: To become an entrepreneur you need to have creative ideas and thought processes to hunt for new opportunities. There are lots of opportunities in our surroundings. To hunt these opportunities you need to have a creative thought.
  2. Passion: Passion is something that every entrepreneur needs to run for. If you don’t have passion for something you will lose your focus, effort, and creativeness. Similarly, if you have passion for something then you can do that work full of effort, focus, and creativity.
  3. Motivation: Motivation is also another thing that every entrepreneur needs to have. Motivation helps entrepreneurs to accomplish certain things. To increase motivation you can stats by targeting small goals.
  4. Self-Confidence: Self-confidence is another thing that most entrepreneurs have. Entrepreneurs have to believe in themselves when they start anything. Without having believed in yourself you can’t achieve anything. So, the more self-confidence you have the easy you can overcome risk, challenges, and barriers.
  5. Vision: Every Entrepreneur has a certain vision to accomplish something. Vision gives you a sense of purpose and also gives you direction to move on. Similarly, a clear vision also helps you to achieve short terms and long terms goals.

Types of Entrepreneur

There are four different types of entrepreneur. These four different types of entrepreneur are listed below:

Builder: Builder is that type of entrepreneurs who create or start a business from scratch in a short time frame. These are such types of entrepreneur who build strong foundation in business by hiring best talent and investor.

Opportunist: Opportunists are those types of entrepreneurs who are always in search of opportunity to make money out of it. They are mainly attracted to the innovative ideas that can create lots of wealth from it.

Innovator: Innovators are those types of entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas about the product or services. They are very rare individuals like Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon musk are some of the greatest innovator of today’s centuries.