What happened after the Russia – Canada match

Our athletes lost and were eliminated from the tournament. We tell you what else happened after the Russia – Canada match

On June 3, 2021, the Russian national ice hockey team lost to the Canadian team with a score of 1: 2 in the overtime match of the quarterfinals of the World Championship.

The outcome of this fight on ice was decided by only one episode . In extra time, our athletes missed a fatal goal from their rivals. The “black” series in the matches with Canada at the World Championships for our team continued. We will tell you what happened after the Russia – Canada match, how the coach of our national team reacted, and also what emotions the captain and goalkeeper experienced from the game.

This meeting with the Canadians became bright for the Russians, even in spite of the defeat. According to the head coach of the team Valery Bragin , his guys tried and at times they managed to keep the pace on the court.

  • There are such matches. The opponent played defensively, practically without failures. Couldn’t hack. And in overtime we conceded a goal. The quarterfinals are such a match … Maybe our players somewhere did not play brightly enough. But I would not compare our hockey and Canadian hockey in this match, it is unethical, – said the coach in an online conference with the media.

He also added that at the end of the season, the result was unsatisfactory, and he was personally upset. The main reason for the defeat, in his opinion, was the insufficiently aggressive play of hockey players on the ice.

  • I should have played more aggressively in attack, sharper under the goal. There were throws with rebounds, it was necessary to go to them and finish them off. There were chances, good chances. Now the state is unpleasant, – said Bragin.

The captain of the Russian national hockey team, Anton Slepyshev, said that the result of this meeting with the Canadians was not the one I wanted to see. According to him, the whole team of Russians tried, but not everything worked out.

  • Probably, somehow timidly played in the attack. One goal is not enough to win, ”concluded Slepyshev.

Meanwhile, Sergei Bobrovsky, our goalkeeper , admitted that it was difficult for him to find words after the match.

  • Very disappointing and very sad after the defeat in overtime. Everybody tuned in, everybody got ready. Now we are all very upset and so am I. The whole country is upset <…> Unfortunately, we are on the losing side, – a member of our team told reporters.