What happened after the match Turkey – Italy

“KP Sport” talks about the main events that took place after the end of the first match of Euro 2020 Turkey – Italy on June 11, 2021

Starting European Football Championship match between Turkey and Italyended incredibly. The first goal at Euro 2020 is an own goal. The first match ended with a crushing victory for Italy with a score of 3: 0. It has never happened before – an own goal opens the list of goals in the European championship, and in the first game of such a tournament, a devastating victory.

After Italy won the match on June 11, 2021 in Rome, the Italians’ unbeaten streak lasted up to 28 games. The record is 4 years without defeat from 1935 to 1939 – then there were 30 meetings in a row without failures. Italy last lost on 10 September 2018 to Portugal in an away match of the League of Nations, 0-1. Since then, no one can crush Mancini’s team.

The coach of the Italian national team, assessing the outcome of the match, said:

  • We performed well. We failed to score a goal in the first half, it was not easy, since this is the first game in the tournament and Turkey is a very good team. In Euro matches, you need to give all your best. The fans helped us, we are happy. And I think that the team played very well, – quotesMancini Rai Sport…

peaking in general about the team’s prospects in the tournament, Mancini admitted:

  • It was important to start well, we are happy for our fans and all Italians. The evening turned out to be wonderful and I hope there are many more to come. The final? It is still far from him. There are six matches ahead, – quotes ManciniFootball italia…

Italy defender Leonardo Bonucci said in turn:

  • When you start on such a path, you need to feel the tension so that there are goosebumps, the desire to play. I imagined that everything would turn out like this, given the path we have traveled, – says the Italians player in an interview with Football Italia https://football-italia.net/bonucci-i-imagined-italy-like-this/.

But the author of the goal against the Turkish national team, the Italians’ striker Ciro Immobile, spoke very positively about the opponents:

  • Turkey is a strong team that has caused problems for many of the leading national teams. We tried to tire them out in the first half, moving the ball from flank to flank, hoping to stretch their defense, – he quotesImmobile Football Italia…