Welcome home! A bill on the repatriation of compatriots submitted to the State Duma

Russian law will finally see our people abroad

Perhaps one of the most anticipated documents appeared in the State Duma database. Konstantin Zatulin introduced the draft law “On repatriation to the Russian Federation”. That is, for the first time in history, foreigners who are closer to us than other neighbors on the staircase will be officially designated. Now for Russia, everyone who does not have our passport is the same. But what about the emigrants and their children? What about the families of those who remained outside Russia in 1991?

What does this bill say? That anyone who wishes, if he wants to move to Russia and believes that his soul and roots are here, can collect a few documents, submit a petition and come. The requirement is to actually have roots and know the language. Without this, nowhere. This is the main and only “exam”. Moreover, as they say in the text, there is no real exam, “knowledge of the language at the level of free use in family, household and cultural spheres is determined when accepting the application during the conversation with the applicant of the authorized official.”

A sad fact: according to the laws that are in force now, in case of resettlement, it is not necessary to know the Russian language at the everyday level, it is enough to read and translate with a dictionary.

If by the letter of the law: who considers himself to be the peoples who historically live on the territory of Russia. Or he simply considers himself a Russian at heart. Although not just, but spiritually close to his roots and relatives who lived in our country. This spiritual choice can, by the way, not be made, but only to those who live in the republics of the former USSR and in 1991 adopted their citizenship. And there are tens of thousands of them, if not millions. They have already decided everything for them and it will be possible to submit a petition immediately after the entry into force of the law.

It should be noted that the Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples are singled out in a separate category next to the state-forming people (Russians). That is, they will not have to prove anything at all.