“We will start from scratch”: Boyarsky was saddened by the departure of the Russian national team from Euro 2020

According to the eminent artist, it remains to be hoped that a generation of real talents will soon grow in the country.

Mikhail Boyarsky was annoyed by the loss of the Russian national team in the match with Denmark in the framework of Euro 2020. As a reminder, Stanislav Cherchesov’s team was eliminated from the prestigious tournament, losing 1: 4 in Copenhagen . Our only goal was scored by Artem Dzyuba from the penalty spot. Boyarsky at this time was sitting in the dressing room on the program of Ivan Urgant. According to the TV presenter, the eminent artist watched football in silence and did not show any emotion.

  • Yes, everyone is very sick with football and sports. But the sad event today happened, of course. There is such a very good song, “It’s very good, that while we are bad” (from the Soviet Aibolit – Ed.). We will start from scratch, with children, with babies, with your children. Under the leadership of Arshavin, for example. They will grow up in 20 years and will win all the prizes in the world! – said Boyarsky during the “Evening Urgant” on the “First Channel”.

We add that the result of the Russian national team’s game did not satisfy even the three thousand fans who gathered in St. Petersburg at the fan zone on Konyushennaya Square . People ignored the coronavirus security measures and left the site en masse after the rout.