Vladimir Putin: “Now we will start singing songs”

The brightest phrases of the President of the Russian Federation at a press conference following talks with the American leader in Geneva

Journalists analyze any public speech of the President of Russia into quotations and not only because the head of state talks about fundamental things and makes policy statements. But because even the most serious event can be colored with a bright phrase or relieved with a joke. They are popularly called “Putinki”. The press conference following the talks with Joe Biden was no exception. We have collected the brightest moments for you:

  • Andrei, give in to the girl, she will now light it up – addressing the journalist of Kommersant Andrei Kolesnikov, so that he would give his colleague the right to speak first.
  • What is the question about? About deception? Blue fog is deception! Now we will start singing the songs. But your foreign colleagues will not understand us, – clarifying with the journalist the topic of the question, uttered too quietly (you could hear only the word “deception”).
  • There is no happiness in life, there is only its lightning. Cherish them! He flashed his zarnitsy – when asked about a new stage in relations with the United States, Putin quoted Leo Tolstoy.

“We spoke the same language, but this does not mean that we should look into each other’s souls, eyes and swear eternal friendship,” Putin commented on the question of whether it was possible to achieve a certain level of trust with Biden.