Tuktamysheva spoke about candid photos on Instagram and relationships with fans

The St. Petersburg figure skater visited SPIEF-21, but not for business meetings, but for the sake of a new sincere interview

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, silver winner of the 21st figure skating World Cup and winner of the GQ Super Women award, attended the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum , but not for business meetings, but for a new frank interview. Her colleague Betina Popova spoke with the “Empress of Ice” on the Telesport YouTube channel. First of all, Lisa was asked about the vacation, from where she published spicy photos .

  • If we talk about the rest, it was amazing. I went to the Maldives. True, it was only a week there, and half of the days it rained. But I was with my friends, and we always found something to do. As for photographs, it is very important for me to always be on you with my audience. I think if you are already running social networks, then be frank with the audience. I do not build a different personality out of myself, I share who I am. When you are sincere, the public feels it, believes you and supports you, ”says Elizabeth.

After resting, Tuktamysheva again recalls all the hardships of a professional athlete. But, as Liza admits, she is “high” to start preparations for the Beijing Olympics.

  • We went to Kislovodsk for the training camp, we are slowly getting in good shape, we are gaining shape. We do the OFP. You need to feel that you are an athlete for now before going out on the ice. At the beginning of last season, it was difficult to pull myself together, get out of quarantine. It is impossible now to allow me not to go into the axel for a whole month, – says the skater.

Elizabeth is not yet frank about the program for the Olympic season, she keeps intrigue. Together with coach Alexei Mishin and director Nikita Mikhailov, they are preparing the next “bombs” on the ice.

  • The director I have is the same as the one I directed for Billie Eilish, this is Nikita Mikhailov. We decided that he would make a good free skate in the Olympic season. I already really like the music, but we haven’t worked it all out yet. I would rather like to present the final version to the world. It will be a classic Tuktamyshev, but more interesting! I really like it, I feel that I will get high in the Olympic season, ”Tuktamysheva’s eyes lit up.

Elizabeth does not promise a lot of new “piquant” rentals like a resonant number with Toxic music . Everything will be more classical.

  • If shocking, then only in demonstration performances. There you can try on a variety of images, no need to adjust. And in other programs, the main thing is to “roll yourself.” I gave myself the task of being myself on the ice, skating my programs so that you can see what I’m super strong in. I am working on a quadruple jump. He is definitely needed in the Olympic season. I have only one quadruple in my head so far. But I want to believe that it will work out, – the athlete hopes.

Lisa does not want to guess when the skater’s career comes to an end. In any case, she will not be left without funds thanks to the clothing brand.

  • I will finish figure skating if I understand that there is nothing I can do for this sport, for the coach. You just need to competently approach the matter, without psychological problems. You need to work, listen to yourself, be a little bit of a thinker! – sums up Elizabeth.

At the end of the interview, the skater noted that she would follow the performance of the Russian national team at Euro 2020, including rooting for her favorite Zenit players. She has already watched a friendly game against Poland and ordered the players not to play with fear and defense anymore.