This is love: Paparazzi filmed Kanye West and Irina Shayk vacationing together in the south of France

Former husband Kim Kardashian rented an entire hotel to celebrate 44 years alone with a Russian beauty

Rumors that Kanye West had his eye on Irina Shayk and started dating a Russian model turned out to be true. Paparazzi photographed ex-husband Kim Kardashian in the company of Irina in the south of France. In the photographs, the richest rapper on the planet and a Russian beauty walk together in a picturesque park. At the same time, Kanye shines like a freshly minted coin. You don’t need to be a psychologist to guess that Irina’s company gives him untold pleasure. From time to time, the rapper stops to pick up his girlfriend on a cell phone.

Kanye flew to France to celebrate his birthday: on June 8, he turned 44 years old. According to the Daily Mail , the lovers stayed in Provence at the luxury boutique hotel Villa La Coste. This is a whole estate, a beautiful estate surrounded by a garden. A room in such a hotel costs an average of one and a half thousand euros per night. But West didn’t waste time on trifles and rented the entire hotel. She and Irina spent four days together and left the hotel on June 9th.

Apparently, Kanye is really seriously in love if he decided to spend a special day for him alone with Irina. Moreover, he arranged such a luxurious romantic trip, having provided all the details. Rumors that they were dating appeared several weeks ago. Although Shayk and West have known each other for a long time, for more than ten years.

In 2010, the model starred in the video for Kanye West’s song “Power”, where she played an angel. In the video, Irina appears in a revealing gold outfit with a pair of wings on her back. Two years later, a beauty from Russia took part in the show of West’s Yeezy (Kanye West’s fashion brand) fall-winter clothing collection at Paris Fashion Week. And just a month ago, the paparazzi photographed Irina in a DMX T-shirt, designed by West in collaboration with the fashion house Balenciaga. Probably, it was Kanye who gave the little thing to the model.