The virologist has denied the version of the artificial origin of the coronavirus

We analyze the conspiracy theory that Sars-Cov-2 was created by scientists from the Wuhan laboratory

The coronavirus is artificially created in the laboratory of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and we have irrefutable proof of this! This was recently announced by two scientists, authors of the anti-coronavirus vaccine Biovacc-19: Angus Dalglish, professor of oncology at the University of London and Norwegian virologist Dr. Birger Sorensen, head of the pharmaceutical company Immunor. This statement managed to become a world sensation, although scientists are just going to publish their article in a scientific journal and have not yet presented their arguments to the world. The only argument that has leaked to the press concerns the strange sequence of four amino acids in the spike protein that Dalglish and Sorensen discovered while working on a vaccine.

Scientists say that in natural organisms it is rare to find a sequence of three, let alone four amino acids in a row. The only way to get such a combination is to artificially fabricate it. And this is a characteristic sign of laboratory manipulation, which they then tried to hide. For a comment, we turned to Professor of the Department of Infectology and Virology at Sechenov University, Chief Researcher of the Gamaleya Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, Doctor of Medical Sciences Anatoly Altshtein.

  • Anatoly Davidovich, help us understand how weighty this statement is and, in general, is it scientific?
  • Tell me, how familiar are you with biology?
  • As part of a comprehensive school course.
  • I see. You understand, there is not a single person in the world – we do not take into account supernatural creatures, since their existence has not been proven by science – who knows how to add these four amino acids and where to insert them in order to get some predictable result. World science does not yet know how to do this.
  • Still, it turns out strange: the virus appeared in that city of one and a half billion China, where there is the Institute of Virology, which worked with coronaviruses
  • This is another matter. I do not exclude that the virus has left this laboratory. They worked with coronaviruses, isolated a new virus from the natural environment and lost it. Let’s say one of the employees got infected and transmitted the virus down the chain. Could this be? It could! But for the Chinese or Americans, or all of them taken together, to specially create a virus with which they infect humanity – this is such nonsense that there is nowhere else to go. I admit that from the point of view of the layman everything is simple: here a scientist takes a virus, studies it, sets up experiments, and then decides that he needs to put these four amino acids in a certain place. Put it – got a pandemic for the whole world. But any scientist will tell you that this does not happen! It is impossible to predict that if you do certain manipulations with the virus, you will get a mutation with a different epidemiological potential. Today, such tasks are unsolvable. This statement is saturated with politics, the scientific basis is not visible there.
  • Could Chinese scientists accidentally, during experiments, create a supervirus by typing?
  • There are some things that people are able to do with the help of genetic engineering. There are no signs of a meaningful application of this genetic engineering here. We do not see traces of some well-known scientific principle that was applied and we got such a beast from a harmless virus. That’s when nature plays its games with the rearrangement of nucleotides, amino acids, and this lasts for very long periods of time – then sometimes nature gets something. And there are some unpleasant options that start to spread among people. But to say that people have moved somewhere four amino acids to create such a recombinant is utter nonsense. Nobody, of course, knows what opportunities scientists will have in 100 years, maybe we can manufacture any virus on request. But today this is out of the question.