The star of the series “Happy Together” Natalya Bochkareva showed herself in the weight of 120 kilos

The actress told how she managed to lose 60 kilograms

Natalia Bochkareva became a guest of the “Stars Came Together” program on the NTV channel. The 40-year-old actress told the show host Lera Kudryavtseva and Anton Privolniy how she managed to lose 60 kilograms. All-Russian fame came to her when she played the donkey Daria Bukina in the sitcom “Happy Together”. The owner of appetizing forms recovered even more during pregnancy (the actress has two weather children – 14-year-old Ivan and 13-year-old Maria). According to Natalia, then she ate everything, believing that it would benefit her future babies. As a result, she recovered to 120 kilograms.

The artist explained that before giving birth, she practiced a raw food diet and vegetarianism. But in order to give birth to healthy children, on the advice of her relatives, she began to eat meat and dairy products.

  • Before, I did not eat meat, I tried a raw food diet. And suddenly they say to me: “You are giving birth to children – you need to eat meat and a lot of milk.” I had a hand in this. I want to give birth to a healthy child. Kefir for the night, cottage cheese. I ate meat so well, I just shoved it into myself, – the actress admitted. – The second pregnancy immediately came when the first was four months old. Therefore, I have all this added, added. When the children were born, I realized that I had to do something with these kilograms.

Natalia showed photographs taken during the period when she was trying to get rid of extra pounds. Trying to disguise the excess weight, Bochkareva began to wear loose black clothes – it seemed to her that she looked slimmer this way. The actress admitted that she felt very hard not only mentally, but also physically.

“I was very round, it was very hard to walk,” Bochkareva complained.

Dancing helped her lose weight. It was then that she was offered to take part in the “Dancing with the Stars” project. Active exercise, coupled with a diet, allowed her to burn all the hated kilograms. Now Natalia weighs 60 kilograms and is very proud of her figure.