The Secrets Of A Manifestor – Marisa Padilla

The Manifestation Master At Work – Marisa Padilla

Marisa Padilla. was born and raised in Denver Colorado. She lives in Denver to this very day. Marisa loves to share with you the very truth about manifestations. Visualizing your dream, believing in it with your whole heart and then watching it come to life! Marisa is the living proof that if she can do you so can you! 

“Back in August 2022, I met an amazing gentleman by the name of Gary Doherty of Think Network and Be Seen PR Agency. We had crossed paths through mutual passions and people we are connected to. Gary is a 2x TEDx speaker among many successful businesses his public speaking track record is something I admire and want to do. Gary resides in Ireland (a dream destination of mine) and as I mentioned, I am in the states. When we spoke for the first time, I knew deep within my heart I would be sharing the stage with this man at some point, and it would be in Ireland. After we got off the phone, I wasn’t sure “how” it would happen, but I knew “why” it would happen. We share the same visions, goals, serving and helping others! 

The possibilities in life are endless. Opportunities will present themselves if you align yourself with other like-minded individuals and if you can visualize your hearts desires it can and it will happen. I can promise you that has it has happened for me on many occasions, and this is one that I must share with everyone!

I remember telling Gary, “I’m so excited! I know I’ll be speaking with you in Ireland! When is the next event because this is my dream Gary, and it is happening!” To top it off, Gary agreed! He never doubted and that gave me the hope that I needed. He said he knew it would happen and he wanted me to be a part of his next speaking event! 

Well, my friends I’m here to share with you that it is happening! I leave for Ireland to share the stage with an idol, mentor and now a dear friend of mine! 

Visualize it. Believe it. Receive it and know this… If the desires of your heart are good, honest, and true then God has already given you what you have prayed for. It is already yours! You must have the faith and the ability to work at it to manifest it into your life. If it’s taking longer to come to fruition, then there’s a hinderance that you must look into. 

My manifestations have happened for me on many occasions and that is why I can tell you about it and show you that if it can happen for me it will happen for you! 

Believe. Believe. Believe my friends! 

Thank you and God Bless! 

Next stop…Ireland!”