The new rich. Who entered the rating of the heirs of the largest Russian capitals

The aggregate wealth of the most moneyed fathers of families is twice the annual budget of the country

The top 50 offspring of the wealthiest Russian families can count on almost $ 300 billion.

Such data are provided by Forbes magazine , which has compiled a rating of the richest heirs. The combined fortune of all 123 domestic billionaires is $ 610 billion – more than twice the expenditures of the Russian budget for 2021.

If we divide this amount by the total number of heirs (357), it turns out that they are already billionaires themselves – $ 1.7 billion each.

Interestingly, the children of the two richest people in Russia, Alexei Mordashov and Vladimir Potanin, were not even included in the TOP-10 (see graphic). Because both turned out to be rich in children – each had seven. So if you divide by all, you get less than the sole heirs of more modest capitals.

For simplicity, the compilers of the rating did not take into account either the marital share, or the possibility that the owner of the billions might not include his adult offspring in the list of heirs. Such intentions were announced by Vladimir Potanin and Mikhail Fridman, who said earlier that they would send their money to charity. But their children are unlikely to be in poverty. For example, Potanin’s shoots are quite successful in their own business. So, the eldest daughter Anastasia, a three-time champion of Russia in aquabike, is developing one of the family possessions – the Rosa Khutor ski resort.

And the head of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov, writes Forbes, entrusted Spartak to his son Yusuf. In May of this year, Alekperov Jr. became a member of the board of directors of the football club, which, together with his father, is owned by another top billionaire, Leonid Fedun.