The main thing about the introduced restrictions against coronavirus

We tell you whether rental offices, taxis and who does not work in Moscow from 15 to 19 June 2021 will function

In the capital, from June 12 to June 20, a number of restrictions were introduced due to the complication of the situation with the coronavirus. The heads of enterprises are asked to transfer at least 30% of employees to a remote location, amusement rides and rental points will not work in the parks. Will there be a fan zone in Luzhniki , kindergartens, schools? The Headquarters gave explanations on the restrictions imposed against Covid-19.

  1. From June 15 to June 19, employees of those organizations that usually do not work on weekends (Sundays) will not work.

“At the same time, the enterprises of the continuous cycle will continue to operate. For example, organizations that provide the population with food and essential goods, pharmacies and medical organizations, those who carry out urgent repair work and provide financial services. The executive authorities of the city of Moscow will not work.

  1. Will hospitals, schools and kindergartens work?

All city medical institutions, as well as kindergartens, will continue their work as usual. Schoolchildren will continue to take exams (USE). City institutions of additional education will temporarily suspend their activities.

  1. It is recommended to switch to remote work mode for as many workers as possible who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 (at least 30%).
  • This is especially true for people over 65 and citizens with chronic diseases who have not yet been vaccinated. Those who have received at least the first component of the vaccination are considered vaccinated.
  1. Temporarily, until June 20, the work of children’s playrooms and food courts is suspended.
  • Territories with cafes and restaurants, where there is a common area with seating places, will not work.
  1. Restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs, discos, karaoke, bowling and other entertainment venues will not accept visitors at night from 23.00 to 6.00.
  • Except for take-out service.
  1. Why do catering and entertainment establishments close at night?
  • They became the main breeding grounds for COVID-19 in several countries last spring. Practice shows that at night parties it is most difficult to maintain a mask regime and social distance.
  1. Amusement rides, playgrounds and sports grounds, rental points, gazebos will be closed in Moscow parks.
  • In fact, the parks will be accessible only for walking.
  1. Is the Moscow Zoo closing?
  • The Moscow Zoo closes from 13 to 20 June. If tickets were purchased for these dates, then it will be possible to visit the Moscow Zoo any day after the restrictions are lifted, or the purchased tickets can be returned.
  1. Are museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions and other cultural institutions closed?
  • Not. Cultural institutions, where it is possible to comply with seating restrictions in 50% of the room occupancy, mask mode, will work.
  1. Will the fan zone at Luzhniki continue to work?
  • Yes. At most, no more than 5,000 people who have passed registration will be able to stay in it. Subject to the mask and glove regime.
  1. Will the access control and QR codes be introduced in Moscow?
  • Not planned.