The head of Rospotrebnadzor assessed how dangerous the Indian strain of coronavirus brought to Russia

Anna Popova in an interview on the Russia 1 TV channel spoke about the current situation with coronavirus in the country

The situation with the new coronavirus infection is now stable , the head of Rospotrebnadzor believes. In the country, the incidence of coronavirus is declining. Anna Popova noted that most often people can catch an infection in transport and at home, from relatives who have already become infected. Now these are mainly people over 50 years old, but among young people and children there are few covid patients. Such an epidemic situation is favorable in order to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

The head of Rospotrebnadzor noted that three new variants of the coronavirus have appeared in India, and one of them has changed a lot. This mutation requires serious study. However, this most modified version of the Indian virus did not reach Russia, and Russian vaccines are successfully working against all new strains.

  • So far, we have not found any significant risks for ourselves. But one must be vaccinated without fear of anything. It is worth noting that our tests detect all variants of the coronavirus variants that exist today, ” Anna Popova emphasized.

In total, more than 550 strains of coronavirus have been identified in Russia, including the British version, dozens of varieties of the South African one. More than ten people have picked up the Indian strain, but not in the most mutated version of it.

In addition, a sanitary shield is now being created in Russia, which in the future will allow us to survive any epidemic without lockdowns and without disrupting our usual routine. For this, new sanitary and quarantine controls will be established at the border, work will be done on the creation of rapid tests.

“A new test against any new infection in four days is a task that we must solve very quickly,” Anna Popova said in conclusion.