Tatyana Bulanova crushed by terrible grief

The singer does not hide her condition

Singer Tatyana Bulanova cannot recover due to the death of a loved one. The artist does not hide that she is literally crushed by terrible grief. Artem Anchukov was not just her stage partner. There are many things that connect artists.

Tatyana Bulanova posted on her blog another message in memory of the deceased singer Artem Anchukov . The singer of the hit “Don’t Cry” announced that everyone can come to say goodbye to the artist on June 8. First there will be a funeral service, and then a funeral.

Fans ask Bulanova to hold on: “Hold on, Tatyana Ivanovna . Kingdom of heaven. Light eternal memory and thanks to Artyom for the song” Bridges “in a duet with you, Tatyana Ivanovna … It’s a pity that Artyom is no longer with us in this life. But he was born for Eternal life, in the Kingdom of God … So say the priests. “

The star recorded several songs with a close friend and partner. They appeared together in public from time to time. There were even rumors that there was a romantic relationship between the artists. however, neither Tatiana nor Artem confirmed this.

39-year-old Artem Anchukov is known to the audience for his roles in the TV series “Major” and “Cop Wars”. He had been ill for the last month. Fought the coronavirus. At first, the man was treated at home. And when the pneumonia started, it was too late.

Bulanova , 52, said that at first Anchukov was at home with a fever, but then he still decided to go to the hospital. He suffered greatly, literally suffocating in a hospital bed, complaining. The celebrity was connected to a ventilator, but even this did not save him. The man retired to a better world a few days after being hospitalized on June 5. “I lay down for about a week, then complications began. Lung damage reached 87%. Now the shock … It’s hard,” the artist admitted.