Taking giant strides across the niche car modelling and car influencing segment is Nadia Khar.

More popularly known as GTR Queen”, Nadia Khar enthralls millions with her innate car builds.

Modelling is one of the most fascinating industries. It’s dream of massive young girl to be a renowned model. But, is it a cake walk to establish oneself in this huge industry? Several young talents are setting and aura of their exceptional work and gaining a success and fame that one could ever thought of! We come across one such astonishing multi-talented girl raising the bar with her skills and talent, Nadia Khar. The renowned Pakistani and Italian car model who has mesmerized one and all. Nadia was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. She grew-up in Pakistan and Las Vegas. The car model has gain immense popularity in the automobile segment and is popularly known as “GTR QUEEN” “NADIASKHAR” for her Nissan GTR built which is extremely well known. 

Started her Car modelling journey at a tender age. With her knowledge and experience she inbuilt the car mastery, that even many men do not have. She is highly passionate and interested in it, for which the model says – “, everything I’ve picked up over the years have just stuck.” It has been more than 5 years that she is into car modelling and has successfully gained sound success and popularity for her work. She even sells her own merchandise on her Instagram @nadiaskhar and on her website NadiaKhar.com. The talented car model is also popular personality on social domains and having more than 1M followers on Instagram. This enhances her work efficiency and pro skills in her industry. There are massive car models and this industry is always the most competitive sector and each day a new face is introduced. To work in such cut-throat competitive environment and gain success is truly inspirational and remarkable. 

The car model has included huge number of car collections under her wings which includes – Nissan GTR’s, viper ACR’s, 4×4 gwagon, Murcielago, Aventador SVj, Hennessy or Calvo Racing builds, SLS, Koenigsegg, Gt2 RS, RR wraith. Those are Nadia Khar’s dream builds. She is been in the import car world from long time. She does supercar modelling, jdm and even street bikes. Nadia also has street bike and loves to ride on it. Her videos of bike riding go viral within no time. The GTR QUEEN is setting a bench mark for her work and multi-faceted skills. 

For more information, do follow her on Instagram @nadiaskhar.