Sydney Speedway racing track progress to be completed within last of this year


Sydney Speedway racing is another big project from the Australian government for the development of Western Australia. The stadium has the capacity to host national and international level moto sports competitions. Sydney Speedway racing track work progress is completed by almost 50% as of now. It is said that the Speedway will come into operation within this year. The construction of the speedway began in 2020 December but due to pandemics, it was stopped for a while. Now the work of speedway has taken momentum.

The project has so much potential to contribute to the economy and development. The speedway is so big that it can host world-class motor racing in Western Sydney. Besides this, the Speedway also has the potential to boost tourism and economic activities in Western Australia. After the construction of this new speedway, much new construction work has already begun and created new employment opportunities in the city. The stadium will play important role in the sports and economic development of Western Sydney said the minister of sports and games of Australia.

It is a huge success for Western Sydney which will bring a lot of players from all around the world. Besides this, it will also improve Moto sport in Western Australia as well. Corporate Boxes, Seating, and grandstand will be installed in the next month.

Cost of building Speedway

The cost of building this Speedway is somewhere around $33 million. There are both public and government investments in it. The stadium will have world-class features to organized international racing games.

  1. New Extended Race Track for both cars and motorcycles.
  2. Large seating facility with a terraced seating capacity of more than 7000 people.
  3. Workshops, Garages, and trackside support services.
  4. Additional parking for Speedway competitors and audience.
  5. Food, Amenities, and Beverage shop and merchandise outlet.
  6. Dual access to the precinct to the stadium.
  7. Personal garage for the competitor to service the car.

These are the features of the Sydney International Speedway Stadium. Besides this, there are a lot of such features like immediate health care service and corporate boxes, and so on. The speedway also has a big water retention tank with a capacity of 1,200,000.

The project will complete at the last of the year. It will be operational in Speedway Racing Season in 2021. So, by the last of the year, it will be fully operational with the potential to host an international speedway racing competition.