Statistics show good news about the pandemic

Today, Friday, statistics showed good news related to the emerging corona virus pandemic across the world for the third consecutive week.
These figures, numbers and indicators show that the Covid-19 epidemic caused by infection with the virus has significantly decreased in the world.
 The following are the most remarkable developments, according to data collected on the basis of official figures and statistics:
– Less than 650,000 injuries per day:
With 638,600 injuries recorded per day in the world this week, the index is declining again (-14% compared to the previous week), according to a toll prepared by an agency France-Presse, yesterday, Thursday, and the index had continuously risen from February 20, after an unprecedented drop for more than a month at the beginning of the year, as the number of injuries decreased by half, to 355,000 cases per day. And it began to decline again three weeks ago.

Significant slowdown in injuries:
The epidemic recorded a significant slowdown in the Middle East (-20%), the United States / Canada (-19%), Asia (-19%) and Europe (-17%) this week, while it accelerated in Latin America / the Caribbean (+ 10%) and Africa (+ 5%).
– Europe records the largest decline in injuries: The
largest decline this week was recorded in Poland (-43%, 2,200 new cases per day), followed by Romania (-37%, 600), Serbia (-37%, 600), Austria (-36%, 700) and Croatia (-36%, 600). Not far from it, Germany (-34%, 8700), Britain (-34%, 1500), Hungary (-32%, 700) and Italy (-31%, 5,600). Decreasing
Globally, the number of daily deaths decreased slightly this week (12,237 per day, -4%).
India also tops the list of countries with the highest number of daily deaths (4115 per day this week), followed by Brazil (1954), the United States (581), Colombia (496) and Argentina (492).

The largest acceleration:
Thailand is the country in which the epidemic is accelerating (+ 52%, 3,700 new cases per day) among the countries that recorded at least a thousand infections per day during the past week. It is followed by Argentina (+ 40%, 29,300 cases), South Africa (+ 33%, 2,800), Belarus (+ 28%, 1,300) and Sri Lanka (+ 25%, 2,700).
The highest number of infections:
India, which has witnessed a significant increase in the past weeks, remains the country with the highest number of new infections this week (295,500 daily cases, -21%) ahead of Brazil (+ 7%, 65,700) and Argentina (+40). 29,300%), the United States (-18%, 29,200) and Colombia (-6%, 15,600).
Compared to the population, the country with the highest number of cases this week is the Maldives (1575 per 100,000 inhabitants) and Uruguay (634). And they are among the most advanced countries in the field of vaccination because they gave at least a first