Spectators with vaccinations will come to “Heat” : 200 artists will sing at the festival in 5 days

The concerts will be hosted by Ksenia Sobchak, Yana Churikova and Yulia Baranovskaya

The International Music Festival “Heat” will be held on the announced dates – from 23 to 27 June in the Crocus City Hall concert hall. Due to the new wave of coronavirus, the organizers have introduced restrictions and will abide by a number of rules.

Here are five rules that were introduced at Zhara due to the unstable epidemiological situation.

First. The hall will have a special seating arrangement: two seats are occupied – two are free.

Second. The concert hall will host 1,500 spectators and 20% of those vaccinated. Additional tickets were put up for sale with the note that this is the quota for the vaccinated. Information is sent along with the ticket that you need to take with you a copy of the vaccination certificate. The certificate will be checked on the spot.

Third. Spectators must wear masks. The hall and the foyer will be sanitized and disinfected.

Fourth. The number of press has been reduced. The “red carpet” will take place partly on the street. Viewers will be launched from different entrances, eliminating crowding. Organizers must ensure that social distancing is maintained.

Fifth. The work of the team with testing for coronavirus will be organized daily – the stars and the working group of the event will be checked.