Sergey Shnurov first presented his musical project to the public with the hooligan brunette Zoya

The group performed at a private party at SPIEF-21, but without the Leningrad ambassador

Sergey Shnurov presented his new musical project to the public for the first time – the fiery girl Zoya, who performed at a private party at the SPIEF-21 . We will remind, the leader of the disintegrated group “Leningrad” announced the performance of the singer in his Instagram , removing all personal photos from the account. Shnurov himself did not sing, although KP-Petersburg sources urge to wait , because the musician is promised over $ 1 million for a concert.

  • Honestly, I’m worried. I have never been in such a role, when I am a little behind the stage. This is the first such massive performance by a young aspiring, but hooligan artist – Zoya, – Sergei said from the stage at the informal part of SPIEF-21.

Ksenia Sobchak, who was present at the concert of the newly-made singer, compared her image with Nastya Kamenskikh. Indeed, curls and dark hair color refer to the Ukrainian colleague. But Zoya’s songs remind, rather, yes, yes – all the same “Leningrad”. On Shnurov’s Instagram, his fans even suggested that he himself wrote music to her and thus his legendary group, as they say, reincarnated.

  • The song “Little Man” tells that the world is like a supermarket – the famous work of Baudrillard. Where else can modern Cupids live if not in a store? It’s warm here, there is a Wi-Fi and a reason to shoot a bow at a couple of random acquaintances, – says the description of one of the compositions from Zoya’s album on Instagram of the leader of Leningrad.

We add that Sergei Shnurov is still a member of the “Party of Growth” and the general director of RTVI. Earlier, the musician did not rule out that he would run for elections to the State Duma.