“Russian Knight” goes into epics: Alexander Povetkin ended his career

He won with a broken arm and fought in a doping scandal, returned to the top and left very quietly. All this is about the main heavyweight of Russia

Alexander Povetkin – everything. “Russian Knight” announced the end of his professional career. Most likely, about an unwanted but necessary end. Povetkin after Konstantin Tszyu became the personification of Russian boxing. I am sure that both in Europe and in the United States, when it came to the Russian boxer, Alexander most often introduced himself.

A man from boxing and boxing. His career began in 2005 and went through the era when mixed martial arts began to displace boxing. Perhaps Povetkin was one of those who spoke loudly and beautifully for boxing. Povetkin, before becoming “Russian Knight”, became the first Olympic champion from Russia in the heavyweight category. Won that gold without a fight, but it seems that he deserves it more than the rest. Deserved for the sake of his own future. For the sake of giving Russia, probably, the main heavyweight in history.

Povetkin was loved more than any other Russian boxer. The main thing is that he was noticeable and in demand. At various times Lebedev, Drozd or Kovalev came to the fore. What distinguished Povetkin from the boxers on this list? He did not leave the stage throughout his career. Why? Probably, it was in Alexander that the fans saw a person with the status of the main Russian fighter.

Povetkin fell in love with himself with his character. A modest appearance to the song “Rus” with a slight blush on his face, a small smile during face-to-face, while absolutely unbending will to win, which was sometimes achieved with one hand. Povetkin’s fight against Nikolai Firt, which Alexander won with a broken arm, showed who this “Russian Knight” was.

The fight with the German Marko Huck turned out to be the brightest. The second defense of the regular WBA title for Povetkin seemed the most dangerous for the Russian. Hook was called the main rival of Alexander of those who he had ever had. And so it was, and the course of the match proved it. Povetkin then gained an advantage, then allowed himself to be beaten by the German. At the end of 12 rounds – the victory of the Russian and the revenge that never took place, which was expected as a certificate of the Povetkin championship. For only 4 years, Alexander bore the title of World Champion, but this was enough to go down in the history of Russian and world boxing.