Ronaldo is the first in the world to have 300 million followers on Instagram: what is he doing there?

How much is one advertising post for Cristiano, and who is subscribed to it

Forward of the national teams of Portugal and the Italian “Juventus” Cristiano Ronaldo surprisesrecords not only on the football field, but also beyond it. Right now, in the midst of Euro 2020, CR7 became the first in the worldwith 300 million followers on his Instagram page. None of the stars dreamed of this. American wrestler, musician, singer and film actor Dwayne Johnson, for example, needs 54 million more subscribers to reach the forward’s performance, and Ronaldo’s main rival on the football field, Lionel Messi, is 82 million. What attracts the people of KriRo so much?

Variety of content

The secret, in fact, at first glance is simple – he is a world football star. But here, in contrast, the Argentinean Messi involuntarily arises, who is seriously lagging behind in popularity. So it’s not about the best ball game. Take a closer look, his entire page is very versatile: there are also cards for a female audience, where a football player either sunbathes with a naked torso, or is removed for the next fashionable photo shoot.

There are photographs especially for men, where he is surrounded by his wife Georgina Rodriguez. They met the girl in 2016 at a Gucci store where she worked as a salesman. Since then, the couple has been inseparable.

And here are the family cards, where his children run. In total, the footballer has four of them. The first son, whom he named after himself, Cristiano Jr., was given birth by a surrogate mother. By the way, he followed in his father’s footsteps and plays football. In 2017, twins were born: Eva and Mateo. A surrogate mother also gave children of different sexes. In the same year, Jordina gave her beloved daughter Alan. Ronaldo quite often publishes photographs of happy children and admits that his dream is a family with at least seven children. The wife supports the desire of the football player and is even ready to give birth to three more.