Redbull won French Grand Prix ahead of rival Mercedes

things to know about French GP

On the ongoing French Grand Prix championship, Max Verstappen and Red bull came out on top. Max Verstappen overtook Lewis Hamilton and extends his lead over 12 points on the GP. In the match, Verstappen uses the DRS system to catch Hamilton when he was on lap 52. There he passes him and took the position of Lewis Hamilton.

things to know about French GP

It was a win-win situation for both the team however Red bull took the position of Mercedes. Red bull has never won the match against Mercedes in southern France. But, now they have created a record of a sweet victory in an ongoing match. So, let’s look into 5 things that we learned from the ongoing match.

Mercedes are looking stronger

Though, in the ongoing race, Hamilton lost their way for the Grand Prix. But, we can see that Hamilton has won the Grand Prix since 2018. Mercedes has been making their French track quite earlier.  The circuit’s longer and radius also help Mercedes strengthen compared to Monaco and Baku’s lower speed turn.

Verstappen has everything to win the Championship

If there are any doubts about how much threat was Verstappen to Lewis Hamilton? Then, Verstappen has wiped out nearly every one of them in the racing grounds in the Sunday race. Similarly, Verstappen has also take Hamilton in the Monaco championship. He could also have pulled further clear to see his left tire rear in four more laps in Baku. Indeed, Verstappen has handled and shown brilliant potential.

Mercedes was powerless

Mercedes has enjoyed many racing championships in recent years. However, in France Grand Price it was very hard for the Mercedes to play with Redbull. The major error with the Mercedes was it was underestimating the power of Undercut. Verstappen One lap –Advantage over Hamilton allowed him to make a three-second gap at the end of the match.

Bottas struggled to put up a fight

Bottas was in good shape in the race and took the third position after Lewis Hamilton. He was also the real threat to the game as well as he was within. However, later things changed when Bottas lacked the tire management skills of his garage team.

Ferrari has a big weakness

After the Monaco and Baku Ferrari fell very down with an almighty thump Paul Ricard. It lost significant ground on McLaren in the constructor championship.

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