Pugacheva hides from Harry and Lisa that Nikita Presnyakov is their relative

Alla Pugacheva became the mother of twins Harry and Lisa at the age of 64. At this time, her daughter Kristina Orbakaite was 43 years old, and her grandson Nikita Presnyakov was 23. Due to the bold step of the singer (you must admit that not every woman decides to become a mother at that age), family ties in her family were messed up to the point of absurdity. Oversized Nikita turned out to be the nephew of newborn babies.

Now Harry and Lisa are seven years old, but they still do not know who Presnyakov Jr. is. It turns out that Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin are hiding from the twins that they have a 30-year-old nephew. Apparently, Alla Borisovna does not want her children to know the circumstances of their birth ahead of time, so she is not yet sharing the family secret with them.

Nikita became the hero of Boris Korchevnikov’s program “The Fate of a Man”, in which he spoke about the relationships within his star family.

  • Children of Alla Borisovna. You get them – Aunt Lisa and Uncle Harry, – reminded Boris Korchevnikov.
  • Hush. They will hear. The main thing is that they do not hear. They are still hiding it from them, because it seems strange, ”Nikita admitted. – I dont know. But they are awesome. I adore them. They sometimes call me Denis. Confused with my brother. They say: “Denis, oh, how about you. Nikita! ”’They’re just awesome.

Nikita said that Harry Galkin has already formed a musical taste – he likes heavy music, and his favorite band is Linkin Park. Lisa, on the other hand, is a future artist: already now she can feel the makings of a stage star. According to Nikita, Pugacheva’s children behave much older than their seven years.

Presnyakov Jr. noted that he had good relations with all the husbands of his mother. After parting with Vladimir Presnyakov, Kristina Orbakaite married businessman Ruslan Baysarov. Nikita said that he spent a lot of time with his stepfather, doing active rest with him. With the current spouse of his mother, Mikhail Zemtsov, he also communicates quite warmly. Nikita is very attached to his brother Denis Baysarov. They often rest together and get along well with each other.

Several years ago, Presnyakov Jr. married his childhood friend Alena Krasnova. Nikita admitted that he and his wife are already thinking about children, but will deal with this issue a little later. For now, they want to live for themselves.