Protasevich said that the Nexta channel was planned to be transferred to the Russian agenda

The oppositionist said that all Telegram channels in Belarus are supported by grants, so they cannot criticize Tikhanovskaya

Roman Protasevich, detained at the Minsk airport, said that after the end of the active part of the protests in the Republic of Belarus, it was planned to transfer the Nexta Telegram channel to the Russian agenda.

He also said that the channel published materials commissioned by the Russian oligarch, whose business “is connected with the Urals and mining.” Protasevich added that all Telegram channels in Belarus are supported by grants, and that is why they support Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. The oppositionist noted that he could not publish even weak criticism of the latter.

Protasevich said that he left Nexta, because Stepan Putilo undeservedly “received everything for the work that I and the editorial board did.”

Earlier, Roman Protasevich named those who coordinated the protests in Belarus. According to him, participants in the “entire information war” are Stepan Putilo, Rudik, Tadeusz Dichan, Franak Vecherko, Anton Motolko, Artem Shraibman, Eduard Palchis, Dyushkevich, Bogdanovich, Anastasia Rogatko , Victoria Palchis, Evgeny Malakhovsky and other people.