Pressure sores turned into ulcers: Arshavin’s ex-wife spoke about a new trouble

The ex-wife of Andrei Arshavin, Alisa, cannot cope with the consequences of a severe autoimmune disease. The woman almost lost her nose, her hair is falling out, but the problems with her appearance are nothing compared to the difficult operation she had to undergo due to an attack of peritonitis. Alice spent several days in a coma and recovered for a long time. Even now, two months after being discharged from the clinic, 38-year-old Arshavina is feeling very badly. On Instagram, Alisa spoke about a new problem: she has terrible problems with her legs, she can hardly walk and has to constantly go to the clinic for dressings.

Alice posted a video filmed at the hospital. The ex-wife of Arshavin arrived for dressing together with the athlete’s daughter, four-year-old Yesenia. In the video, the girl touchingly takes care of her mother, helping the nurse to do the dressing.

  • My rose. She is not afraid of anything, especially if she needs to help her mother. Confidently goes with his mother to the dressings. Seeing that my mother is very sick, not only the general condition, face, but also legs. She showed all her care and responsibly approached the dressing, – Alice praised her.

Arshavina proudly said that the baby charmed the doctor and nurses. In her post, my mother promised her daughter that she would definitely recover.

Subscribers in the comments bombarded Alice with questions: what happened to her, why do they have bandages on her legs? In response, Arshavin wrote that she had a problem with her legs. An autoimmune process has turned pressure sores from coma into ulcers. When almost everything was cured, the skin on one leg burst.

Despite the difficult health situation, the ex-wife of the football player did not despair. Alice says she found a doctor who agreed to cure her and restore her lost nose. But so far she has no money for plastic surgery. The situation is aggravated by the litigation for the house, which Arshavin is waging with her ex-mother-in-law. The athlete and his mother evict Alice and her children from the mansion in which she settled after the wedding with the athlete. Some in this situation feel sorry for the ex-wife of the athlete. Others believe that she herself is to blame for her troubles and remember about the “boomerang law” – after all, Alice once stole Arshavin from his common-law wife Yulia Baranovskaya and three children.