Nutritionists don’t like the word “diet”

The Komsomolskaya Pravda press center hosted an online conference on the topic “Diet and / or healthy lifestyle

How to put yourself in order for the summer and not harm your health. ” Experts and a large audience of social networks discussed live on how to make healthy eating a part of a healthy lifestyle, and not a way to lose weight for the beach season or for the New Year.

The topic of healthy and proper nutrition of Russians is so important that a separate state program within the national project “Demography” is devoted to it. As part of this national project, Rospotrebnadzor is implementing the Federal project “Strengthening Public Health” – this is the Internet portal healthy- pitanie.rf, and the School of Healthy Nutrition, and the “Book about tasty and healthy food”, and the section on the website “Time to eat right ”, and the program“ Food Formula ”on the TV channel“ Russia 1 ”, and the mobile application“ Nutrition Diary ”on the popular VK platform, and many more educational events.

I take one berry, look at the other

  • Food is one of the main pleasures available to everyone, moreover, it forms human health, – began the conversation Nadezhda Raeva (pictured), head of the food hygiene supervision department of the Rospotrebnadzor Administration for the Moscow Region. “But nutrition is also a risk factor for obesity. In Russia, about 14% of men and 26% of women are overweight. And if at the age of 20 about 5% of the population is overweight, then by the age of 40 for men these figures grow to 25 – 30%. And half of women by the age of 55 – 57 gain the maximum excess body weight.

Obesity is also on the rise among children. In Russia, it affects about 300 thousand young citizens – every fifth schoolchild.

In this regard, I would like to draw attention to what and in what quantity we eat. With a balanced menu, you will never gain excess weight. Healthy, mindful eating should be part of a lifestyle, and not just a tool for occasional weight loss. In addition, as practice has shown, our concept of healthy food requires adjustment. For example, fruits and berries will soon go – like a storehouse of vitamins. But they should not be abused either, given their high sugar content. You should not buy fruits and vegetables and food in general in places of unauthorized trade, along roads, in places of maximum customer traffic. So often they sell mushrooms and blueberries. It is better to walk to a store or market where the products are controlled.

Is it possible to lose weight quickly for a vacation?

Often women remember that they need to lose a few pounds a month before the rest. And they begin to take emergency measures.

  • I often have to change the weight for the role, – the theater and film actress Yanina Melekhova shares her experience. – The most urgent and biggest weight loss happened to me when I got a role in the film by Boris Grachevsky. In a week I had to lose seven kilograms. Of all the diets, the Ducan protein diet turned out to be the most effective in terms of speed and suitable for me. I lost a lot of weight without feeling hungry. But diets put us in a box. And it’s hard and unpleasant. Now I have chosen a healthy diet – gluten, lactose and sugar free. It is fashionable and suits me. And I try not to overload myself physically. It turned out that I have muscle hypertonicity throughout my body, which interferes with losing weight. Now I play sports very carefully.

Men’s health is in the hands of a woman

  • We, writers, are not actors, – Oleg Roy chuckles. – We do not need minus twenty kilograms before the delivery of the novel. But I understand that you have to look good. A woman can be very helpful in this. She can say: “Darling, get out of the wheel, get off the scooter!” Or: “Let’s go for a walk in the park!” We have breakfast, lunch and dinner as scheduled. And we do not accept snacks in the form of sandwiches and everything else.

For me, at least some kind of charging is required. I walk a lot – 12 to 20 kilometers a day. But sometimes it is necessary to relax – otherwise why do we live then? When not through force, not with a whip, then living in a healthy lifestyle is wonderful, but otherwise it becomes boring. Boredom is reflected on the face, on the sides, on the stomach. I don’t have a belly, but if I want a bun, I’ll eat it!

Work on bugs

  • Yanina has a peculiar understanding of proper nutrition, – comments

the above Natalia Denisova, nutritionist. – Gluten is on the “forbidden” list. And what is he to blame? Gluten is a protein in cereal products. And he doesn’t do anything bad. It is contraindicated only for those with celiac disease. There are less than 1% of such people in the world. Gluten-free products are promoted as healthy foods, and this is purely a marketing ploy. The body of a healthy person needs gluten! There are no harmful foods, there is an unbalanced diet. Nutritionists don’t like the word diet. Diet itself is a non-physiological, unnatural process. Only illness justifies dietary nutrition, which involves the exclusion of certain foods from consumption. We must focus specifically on a healthy balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Plus vitamins, minerals and biologically active substances – this is constantly needed by the body.

I support Oleg’s approach to healthy eating: sometimes it is possible and even necessary to afford a product that we consider harmful for positive emotions! But the main thing is that, in general, there is a balance.

To understand how to eat, do a bioimpedance analysis that will show you how much water, fat, muscle tissue, etc. you have and what to fight against.

  • Sports can be included at any stage of weight loss and life, and it is better from the very beginning, – fitness trainer Mikhail Mazurov entered the conversation. – However, it is important to choose the right physical activity, since everyone has a different state of health and the degree of sports training. You can just walk a certain number of steps a day, do light exercise. Remember that there are bicycles, scooters, snowboards, skis and more. Play volleyball, boxing, martial arts, dancing. It is best to combine physical activity with loads that relax the muscles: with stretching (stretching exercises), the development of flexibility.

“Time to eat right”
Rospotrebnadzor and Komsomolskaya Pravda have been jointly implementing the Time to Eat Right Project for the second year in a row. Within the framework of this project, a culinary duel between food bloggers recently took place – the participants competed in the preparation of dishes.

healthy cuisine. We plan to devote such fights to seasonal characteristics in healthy eating and we will definitely share healthy recipes. This time our winner is Susana Davidova, dentist, mother of three children.

  • I try to feed my children full and varied meals. Necessarily meat and vegetables, – said Susana. – And if we talk about the fast food loved by children, then you can cook a burger yourself at home. It is important for children to instill the basics of a balanced, healthy diet.

Another participant in the culinary duel, Anastasia Sudakova, spoke in about the same vein:

  • When you grow up and you have a child, you yourself change, and many habits change – buns and chocolates are gone as a way to satisfy hunger. Useful things can definitely be made tasty.

“Lose weight all over the country”
Elena Kiseleva is a participant of the project “KP” “Losing Weight Throughout the Country”. I started losing weight earlier, but the project, in which the characters changed their lifestyle, following the advice of a nutritionist, psychologist and fitness trainer, inspired even more and led to excellent results.

“I was scared for my life when I saw 131 kilograms on the scales,” Elena admitted. – I was scared that at some point I would not get out of bed, that I would not come to my son’s prom. And everything switched in my head. I lost 41 kilograms, added a gym to a balanced diet. It turned out that I myself know how to control the body, and not he me. I eat much more economically now, excluding fast food and snacks in cafes. It is a myth that healthy eating is for the rich.


If you are still poisoned, then contact the trade company or the manufacturer of these food products. Record an entry in the book of complaints and suggestions of the store or make a screen of your appeal to the website or the hotline of the manufacturer and wait 10 days. If there is no response, attach these documents to the appeal to Rospotrebnadzor – in order for the department to obtain the approval of the prosecutor’s office to carry out unscheduled control and supervisory measures. In the appeal, indicate the address of the company, the name, the time when the purchase was made. If there is no check, this is not a reason for refusing to check.