“Mistook for Grandpa”: Michael Douglas spoke about the embarrassment at his daughter’s graduation

Carey, 18, graduated from high school in May

Michael Douglas has become a guest of the popular talk show host Kelly Clarkson. The 76-year-old actor spoke about an unpleasant incident that happened to him at the prom of his 18-year-old daughter. Carey graduated from high school in May and invited her parents and her 20-year-old brother Dylan to a graduation party.

The happy day was darkened for Douglas by an unpleasant incident. The fact is that other parents took him not for his father, but for Carey’s grandfather.

  • It was wonderful, I’m so proud of her. But I have to tell you, Kelly, it’s a little rude when other parents tell you, “Congratulations! You must be so proud of your granddaughter! ” I’m not going to take it personally, they just tried to be polite, – said Michael.

Later, Douglas discussed this situation with his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, and came to the conclusion that one should not take what others said personally.

The couple’s son, Dylan, has already left his home for college. Now it was Carey’s turn. Despite the fact that stellar parents in every possible way discouraged their children from acting, the daughter of Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones is determined to try herself in films. The heiress of the famous couple has already announced that she is going to become an actress. The girl said that she is not afraid that her whole life will be perceived as “the daughter of Douglas” or “the second Catherine Zeta-Jones.”

“Like Michael, they will have to be“ the children of someone ”… But even with such a deterrent, my children said:“ No, sorry, we still want to do this, ”51-year-old Katherine said in an interview. …

Michael Douglas is the son of the famous American actor Kirk Douglas, a Hollywood veteran who starred in the cult movie Spartacus. Kirk lived to be 103 years old, so his son Michael also has good prospects to step over the century. Kirk bequeathed his entire fortune of $ 61 million to charity, leaving his son Michael a dime. However, Douglas Jr. is already rich: during his career in Hollywood, he starred in dozens of box office successful films.