Meet Rhett Vandal, shining bright in the digital world, helping struggling models build and grow their social media.

He is now developing his online class for students to teach about creating and managing models on social media and monetizing the same.

The way a few sectors and fields have been on a constant growth pedestal has naturally made people wonder about the factors that might have helped these industries gain massive growth and success. Of course, the technological advent has played a huge role, but no one can deny that the kind of efforts and hard work a few young professionals and experts have contributed have taken their respective sectors to exponential growth and success levels. Contributing his efforts heavily in the digital realm is one such passionate being from Washington, DC, named Rhett Vandal, who has been helping struggling models build and develop their social media.

Rhett Vandal has immersed himself in the field for more than a decade. He was inclined towards the digital space right from the beginning as he noticed the boom in the industry and understood how essential it was to build and grow social media for that can help people reach their desired goals and success. This motivated him to be the successful social media influencer and marketer he is today, who has been shooting models for 10+ years and helping them build them and other artists their social media on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. He is also the brain behind the new method called Digital Trapping and will take over the hip-hop scene soon.

Rhett Vandal is driven to help struggling models build and monetize their social media platforms and is also working along with a few developers, working towards dropping his first online class on Digital Trapping and teaching students about building a model online. He wants every model to optimize these mediums as it provides umpteen numbers of opportunities to make great money. He has upped his game as a YouTuber with his vlogs and travels the entire world, shooting tattooed models for his website and music videos. He is also pushing his company through his new hip-hop Group with Chucky Chuck Dgaf, “Dead city villains.”

Rhett Vandal (@rhett_vandal) is quite excited about a few songs on his next album with Dead city villains, promoting his method Digital Trapping to reach more people who are inspired to be a Digital Trapper.