Manifesting Abundance – Make a Resolution to Be Resilient – Alivya Solarus

Alivya Solarus is a thought leading individual with a purpose far greater than self. Alivya is a shining light to many people globally spreading wisdom, knowledge, and abundance. In this article and over the forthcoming quarter Alivya will be sharing unique and interesting perspectives on manifesting, abundance, resilience and much more. Enjoy!

What would it be like to make a resolution to be resilient? 

What if…you had it on good authority that infinite abundance could be found there?

Where would you start and what are you waiting for?

Begin by honoring your commitment to you

There is no greater form of abundance than that which can be found in you.  What you cultivate inward is what you invite externally. Being an architect of our own existence takes fierce devotion to what we believe it is and can be. Often, it is difficult to imagine what we can be if we’ve never seen it before. We tend to be led by external prompts as to who, what or how we SHOULD be. Making a commitment to ourselves means not asking what we should be but rather, how we WANT and/or NEED to show up. So…how do you want to show up…inwardly and outwardly? There may be one or many ways to answer that question. The highest priority is a healthy place to start, and it is best guided by YOUR intuition. Once you know how you want/need to show up, what becomes most important is celebrating how you’re already doing just that and not only observing but embracing when you are AND when you are not!You wouldn’t give up on your garden just because the soil was overly dry. Observing circumstances such as droughts are precisely the key to taking action in addressing them.

What you practice grows

As you tend to your inner garden in the interest of cultivating the most authentic version of you, imagine how you’d continue to nourish it in the way that feels most sustainable to you and if you’re ready to level up. 

If it feels actionable but you have a bit of anxiety and excitement about making a change, that’s a brilliant place to take action! 

If you feel like you’re holding your own with how you want to show up and have only anxiety about making a change, you’re likely right where you’re meant to be doing what you’re already doing! That deserves to be celebrated! You’re growing by remaining fiercely devoted to your authentic practice.  

Finally, if you’re practicing something that feels undesirable or unsustainable for a prolonged period of time, it may be time to take a different approach. Your body, mind, and spirit keep the score and running on empty is the opposite of honoring your commitment to you.

Buddy up with an accountabilabuddy

We’re designed to be collaborative creatures. Resilience is not a one-person show…it’s a team sport. It’s very difficult to be true to the gifts unique to you without a “justice league” to back you up. Who would gladly lift you up to be the most authentic version of yourself? Who affords you the generosity of interpreting your behavior? Can you let them know your thoughts without shame, guilt or judgement? Keep in mind that there are many facets to resilience and one person likely can’t hold space for honoring every thought or need you have except for you. However, it stands to reason that someone can help with watering your garden, perhaps another can help you find the most light for it, and yet another is well-versed in the terrain with the best soil for your roots.

This year…why not manifest infinite abundance by making a resolution to be resilient? That seems like a pretty legit resolution and by setting the intention, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose!