“Makeeva found a husband who will not cheat on her!”: The psychologist promised the star a quick divorce, and the rival – to remove from TV

The fourth marriage of the star with the father of four children turned into a scandal

A month ago, 39-year-old actress Anastasia Makeeva married 37-year-old owner of a construction company, Roman Malkov. For Makeeva, this is the fourth marriage; the artist has no children from previous relationships. Malkov married for the first time, leaving his wife, who bore him four children. The eldest son, 16-year-old Andrei Malkov, decided to live with his father and stepmother. Three children live with their mother Svetlana Malkova in Slovenia, where the family moved due to the fact that Roman opened a business there. The former and current wife of Roman Malkov unleashed a war, and recently even had a fight behind the scenes of “Live”. What will be next?

Svetlana is in conflict with her ex-husband and Anastasia Makeeva because she publicly accuses Roman of unwillingness to support children. Malkov insists on Svetlana and her children returning to Russia – life is cheaper here. However, Svetlana wants to stay for permanent residence in Slovenia – and there rent a house and other expenses at the European level. Naturally, Malkova is counting on the previous standard of living, while Malkov now also has Nastya. Makeeva earns more than her current husband, and they live either in her Moscow apartment or in a house near Moscow. Nastya takes Roma to clinics and a beauty salon, bought him expensive clothes. Malkov on all tours and filming next to his wife – works online. The ex-wife does not give up – she is preparing to launch a petition: she calls not to invite Makeeva to performances, musicals, on TV because of her immoral behavior. Svetlana Malkova promises to publish compromising evidence on actress Makeeva next week. Svetlana believes that the artist Makeev should be banned due to the fact that she took a man from a large family. While Roman declares – he had been planning to divorce for a long time.

The petition is another PR move of an offended woman who attracts attention in order to earn money by performing on talk shows. And Anastasia Makeeva also does not give up – she regularly provokes the audience.

At the end of this week, after filming in Moscow, Svetlana Malkova flew to the children in Slovenia: “Beaten, with injuries, with hematomas, with threats to close my exit, I safely passed the border.” Malkova, having come to her senses after filming, gave the impression of communicating in the studio with her ex-husband and his new wife Makeeva: “While my husband slept for 17 years in the next room, I gave birth to children to my neighbor. Something like this, I suppose, looked like our family in the opinion of Anastasia and the updated version of my ex-spouse. A hated incubator wife, mountains of cat hair, a ban on all orange and 16 years of the worst life a man can deserve. “Four children do not oblige me to live with a woman until old age” – as God said Roman, who comprehended Zen in the arms of an experienced newlywed. But, as befits a martyr, for many years he patiently dragged out his miserable existence and carried in a single T-shirt not only his mortal body, but also the thought of escape … But seriously, time will put everything in its place! ” Malkova does not believe in the long-term union of her ex-husband with Makeeva.

The same opinion is with a professional. At our request, a specialist looked at the relationship of the couple. Psychologist Maxim Alyabyev made the following conclusions: “The duration of the legal marriage of this couple will be calculated, most likely, in months. This relationship will fall apart on the initiative of Anastasia Makeeva. Despite the popularity of the ideas of emancipation and female revanchism, a biological regularity from the animal world still works: in order to create offspring and ensure its survival, the female will choose the most resourceful and strong male available to her at a given time. For people, resources are measured by the amount of money and influence. In this marriage, the preponderance is on the female side. This union is unlikely to become a full-fledged family, but it may well be a vivid romance or adventure. The family will be controlled by the decisions of the actress, and when it ceases to be interesting and convenient for her, she will stop everything. A novel needs to be a personality of exceptional proportions in order to bring true value to his successful companion, compensating for his lack of resources. In the meantime, we objectively see that the main criterion for choosing a husband was safety. Anastasia found herself, without exaggeration, a kind, attractive man who will never cheat on her and will not leave. We can only wish good luck and patience to young people! “