Learn How Multi Millionaire Entrepreneur Seth Holbrook Aka SEFF BREEZY Made A Fortune Through Personal Branding

Seth Holbrook also known as Seff Breezy is an American Entrepreneur and Recording Artist based out of Miami, Florida. Holbrook is one of the top millionaires under 30, the serial entrepreneur operates in various sectors including: His full service social media agency Social Athlete, his proprietary clothing line Raw Aesthetics, and a dedicated record label, RA Records for top emerging artists. As a solo artist he’s had two smash hit singles reaching Top 10 on Hip-Hop Charts and Top 200 charts across all genres. As an online Entrepreneur — Holbrook has over a million followers and has expanded from one venture to another all stemming through personal branding. Holbrook went on to say “I have always been into Social Media, since a young age I have always been able to use it to grow my brand and provide services. Being young, I always wanted to be my own boss — Work for myself, and inspire other people to do the same.”

Early On In His Career

In the beginning of Holbrooks career, he started out in the fitness and health space. The successful fitness model took the liberty of helping those who follow him get access to the same meal plans and fitness routines that helped him amass the physique he has. From there he started modeling professionally, walking the runway in the world’s biggest fashion shows, modeling for major brands such as Palm Angels, Balenciaga, Saks, Vilebrequin, and many others. The fitness turned fashion model has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, USA Today, The Daily Mail, and TMZ for best male body. Holbrook has also appeared on TV numerous times including Amazon Prime’s hit series Model Monday, FNL Network, and FashionTV. With much success to this, Seth went on to take things to the next level by helping people with other services in the world of personal branding online. Soon after, Seth’s brand loyalty led to his first venture that is in operation today — His very own clothing line Raw Aesthetics.

What It Takes To Be A Successful Entrepreneur

Seth believes that in order to become successful as an entrepreneur, mindset is everything — Stating: “If you think you can, you can.” With mindset comes having a strong vision, Knowing what you stand for and are working toward are consequential to long term success. Seth like many other entrepreneurs started by planting a seed early on — with vision he knew over time he would get to where he is today. Seth went on to say “We all have to start somewhere, now running (3) successful businesses that do millions in revenue is great but it didn’t start that way. I had to build the necessary skills and go through trial and error through ventures early on. Through that it led me to where I am today.”

The Future For Seth Holbrook

Today Seth is excited for the launch of his new album titled “Fake Love”. The talented artist has teamed up with some of the best in the Music industry including Jason Derulo to produce what Holbrook says will be a very successful launch into furthering his career as a musician. Most recently he was featured in platinum artist BIA’s new music video “Can’t Touch This.” As a follower in Christ, Holbrook walks forward in faith. With much future success on the horizon, Look for Seth Holbrook to continue to pave the way as a talented entrepreneur and artist.