Laser cosmetology: for efficiency accompanied by safety

It is believed that going to a beautician increases self-esteem – and women often use this technique. Often this activity serves as a way of relaxation for those who are too immersed in household chores.

But it is worth remembering that a beauty parlor is not fun, you should carefully choose it and a specialist. Particular attention should be paid to the qualifications of the cosmetologist.

A large part of the services provided in this area are laser cosmetology procedures . Despite the fact that their name sounds everyday – peels, whitening, the fight against age spots – such procedures may require an initial appointment with a doctor. And, of course, the use of high-quality equipment.

All this can be found in the Miracle Doctor clinic. Here, for example, Asclepion lasers such as MeDioStar, QUADROSTAR and the latest generation MeDioStar Monolith laser are used. These devices were chosen by a medical organization because of their undeniable advantages: the procedures are carried out almost painlessly, and the devices themselves are powerful, which makes it possible to shorten the duration of the course. In addition, such lasers are effective for all skin phototypes – from I to VI.

What to check before going to laser cosmetology procedures?

• license of a medical organization;

• education of a cosmetologist;

• availability of modern equipment in a medical organization.

Indications for procedures

Perhaps the best strategy for deciding on the selection of a procedure is to visit a cosmetologist, present to him your vision of the problem and agree on a way to solve it.

But sometimes they come to a beautician with a ready request for a procedure. Someone heard an advertisement – and caught fire, someone – a good response from a friend … Immediately, we note that in such a situation, you need to get advice, find out if there are any contraindications.

In the clinic “Miracle Doctor” the client can be offered:

• laser hair removal. This procedure is recommended for excessive hair growth (including due to hormonal imbalance), if it is impossible to get rid of unwanted hair growth in other ways;

• laser peeling – an indication for it is usually an unsatisfactory skin condition. We are talking about dull skin color, and about pigmentation, and about small wrinkles;

• laser skin rejuvenation. This procedure can also be prescribed for age-related changes in the skin, with a deterioration in its tone, decreased elasticity, etc.;

• laser acne treatment is used for rashes, enlarged pores. It is often used when drug therapy cannot be prescribed to the patient;

• laser removal of scars, spider veins and age spots, warts, moles and papillomas – prescribed in the presence of these defects (formations);