Ken Harrison: Taking over the world of business as a brilliant entrepreneur

He serves as the CEO of H Investments LLC and, over the years, has brought much glory and success to the firm by expanding its portfolio massively.

Having a great vision is just not enough for people to turn into success stories. Some may even take years to first realize what they seek in their careers and life and may need to put in relentless efforts and hard work for years to accomplish all those goals. However, there have been a few others who have made sure to do the “different,” make consistent efforts, and put in days and nights to turn their ideas and visions into reality, eventually becoming the success stories they always aspired to be. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such influential gentleman, who believed in his dreams and thus went ahead in achieving them; we are talking about Ken Harrison.

Ken Harrison today serves as the proud CEO of H Investments LLC, which has been growing outstandingly in the corporate world of America. Speaking in detail about his journey to success, Ken Harrison says that he was a college dropout who had big dreams in his eyes to take over the business world. He started with a budget of $10,000 and then formed H Investments LLC, which immediately started showing great potential to flourish. Today, this man has come a long way and helped thrive his company by managing a portfolio with more than 11 million dollars in assets and partnering companies like Triller and All Day Ace Cannabis together for events. They are determinedly moving forward to inspire more growth for the companies his firm takes under.

He calls his journey an emotional rollercoaster explaining that things were tough at the beginning of his career and even along the journey, where he had to face so many losses. But, he understood failure is a part of life and a major step that eventually leads people to success. Believing in this, he went all in and today has drawn massive success for H Investments LLC. The company’s diversity is known across the corporate space in the US, which includes companies like Rolling Las Vegas (Cannabis Tour & Transportation Company), Hard Knock University (Artist Management & Branding Company), and Aurtism (Autistic Art Facility). Ken Harrison owns 50%-100% of every company in the company’s portfolio.

The 41-year-old passionate entrepreneur is looking forward to creating many more feats in the business world and further growing his company’s portfolio. Till then, do follow him on Instagram @blackcard_ken.