Julia Savicheva decided to obtain Portuguese citizenship

The singer intends to become the owner of an EU passport for the sake of her daughter, who lives in Europe with her grandparents.

Yulia Savicheva is going to obtain Portuguese citizenship. The artist needs an EU passport in order to freely travel to her daughter. The star’s three-year-old daughter Anna lives with her grandparents in Portugal, and because of the pandemic, Savichev hardly sees her. Now the artist is seriously thinking about changing citizenship for the sake of her daughter.

Once Julia and her husband bought a house in this country. Back in the mid-90s, the parents of Savicheva’s husband, composer Alexander Arshinov, settled in Portugal. Julia and Alexander liked this country so much that they also bought a house there. Then, in 2017, a daughter, Anna, was born, whom Savicheva wanted to raise in Portugal. Julia seriously wanted to move to Europe. But in the end, the artist left her daughter in Europe with her grandparents, and she and her husband returned to Russia to earn a living.

The couple often visited their daughter in Portugal until the pandemic struck. The borders were locked, and now Savicheva hardly sees Anya. Then she and her husband decided to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

“We want to fly there, regardless of whether there is a quarantine or not,” said the singer at the opening of the “Russian Holidays” project.

Previously, Julia and her husband flew to Portugal every one and a half to two months. But because of the pandemic, the separation dragged on, and they had not seen their daughter for almost six months.

  • In Portugal we have a big house in the countryside. Own land, pool, garden, vegetables from the garden. Anya goes to kindergarten, – said Savicheva in an interview with “Teleprogram”. – Compare all this with living in an apartment in the center of Moscow. I work constantly, often traveling. I come home late – tired and nervous. And when we come to Portugal, I completely devote myself to the child. This is a completely different sensation from the perception of parents. We now often communicate online.

During the pandemic, many Russian stars thought about moving abroad. In August last year, together with his daughter Anna, the “Zhmurok” star Alexei Panin moved to Spain for permanent residence. The actor and his 14-year-old daughter settled in the resort town of Alicante. An apartment in Spain cost Panin 70 thousand euros (6.2 million rubles). This amount includes all registration costs. The actor said that at first he wanted to settle in Italy, in Tuscany, but he did not have enough money for local real estate. Panin thought about moving abroad a few years ago. In February last year, Panin urged his followers in Istagram to “sell apartments and kidneys” in order to emigrate from Russia. In his opinion, it is not worth waiting for something good in this country in the coming years.