Ivleeva took off her wedding ring and moved out from her husband to a separate apartment

TV presenter’s marriage with rapper Aljay is bursting at the seams

Rumors that Nastya Ivleeva and Eljey are experiencing a crisis in family life appeared a month ago. Devoted fans of the “Eagle and Tails” star noticed that the TV presenter stopped wearing a wedding ring, which she had never parted with before. Moreover, surrounded by bloggers, they said that she and her husband decided to take a break from each other and live separately.

The rapper stayed in their country mansion, where he and Nastya lived since 2019. And Ivleeva rented herself a separate apartment in the center of Moscow, on the Patriarch’s Ponds. Renting an elite apartment with an area of ​​128 square meters costs the Instagram star 210 thousand rubles a month.

In social networks, fans are vigorously discussing the fact that their favorite has taken off the wedding ring. “Where is the ring?”, “Not all married men wear rings. Maybe she was tired of him and just took it off ”,“ Sadness in the eyes ”,“ No one will tell us where the ring is, and what happened to Lesha … Leave the person alone. Whoever watches Nastya understands everything without any unnecessary questions ”,“ It’s all over for them. And there was never love between them. The lovers are immediately visible. And here it didn’t even smell, ”subscribers argue in the comments.

They say that 30-year-old Nastya and 26-year-old Alexei Uzenyuk (the rapper’s real name) were let down by the banal dissimilarity of characters. Previously, they were on the road all the time – she was on the set, he was on tour – and almost never saw each other. Now they got to know each other better and it turned out that the spouses look at family life in completely different ways. Aljay prefers to spend time at home, and Nastya loves to go to parties.

The breakup of the star couple happened suddenly: back in March, Ivleeva celebrated her 30th birthday with noise, having thrown a luxurious party in the capital’s restaurant “Prague”. Aljay also came to the celebration, which cost the TV presenter more than 10 million rubles. And after just a few days, Nastya admitted in an interview that she was very afraid of losing her husband.

  • I have two fears. The first is to lose Leha, the second is to lose his popularity. Not in the sense of being on the hype, but in general, when you wake up in an instant and you have nothing. This is normal. All your life you go to this, – said Ivleeva.

The TV presenter said that their relationship with her husband was not overshadowed by everyday problems. Both of them are quite busy people, so they try not to waste their time on such trifles.

  • What pisses me off in Leh? I’ll be banal, but I’m not the kind of girl who languishes over the hearth. I have a lot of work, there are people who take care of the cleanliness of the house. We do not have everyday routine … We do not have the opportunity and time to look for flaws in each other. There are some moments when I say: “Lesh, it will be great if we listen to each other and do so that we feel comfortable.” And all this against the background of brotherly love and friendship, – admitted the blogger.