“I feel like a failure”: Kim Kardashian first spoke about her divorce from Kanye West

The model thinks the rapper deserves a better wife than she

From the outside, it seems that Kim Kardashian is a flint woman: she does not care about anything except “likes” on Instagram and millions on her accounts. Even his own divorce from rapper Kanye West Kim seemed to be going through extremely calmly. But it turned out that behind the external equanimity of the curvy beauty hides a whole storm of emotions. And Kim, without hesitation, betrayed her in the penultimate episode of the Kardashian Family show. In her emotional speech, she wished her ex-husband good luck and new love.

An episode of the family show was filmed during a trip to Lake Tahoe. Between the Kardashian sisters, a conversation has matured about an impending divorce. While eating the cookies, Kim burst into tears and admitted that all she wants is to lock herself in the room and never leave it again.

  • I feel like a failure. This is the third marriage. Yes, I feel like a failure, ”said the bellowing Kim.

In a conversation with the sisters, the 40-year-old model admitted that she considers herself not a good enough wife.

  • Kanye moves to a different state every year. And I have to be with him to raise children. But I can’t do that. He is a wonderful father, he did an amazing job. I think he deserves a wife who will support his every move, follow him everywhere and move with him to live in Wyoming on his ranch. I can’t do this, – said Kardashian.

The divorce of Kim Kardashian and 43-year-old Kanye West became known in February this year. The couple have not lived together for almost a year. Kim and her children remain at their Los Angeles mansion. And Kanye moved to his crustacean in Wyoming. The main reason for the divorce is the mental illness of a musician suffering from bipolar disorder. Kim became the initiator of the divorce, it was she who submitted the application. The model asks the court for joint custody of the children. The couple have four of them: 7-year-old North, 5-year-old Saint, 2-year-old Chicago and 1-year-old Psalm.