How to Raise Millionaires? by Alexei Nechaev

May 26 – Day of Russian Entrepreneurship. On the eve of the holiday, the New People party announced the need to teach entrepreneurship skills right from the school bench

The New People Party offers a program to train schoolchildren in entrepreneurial skills.

The New People party does not just offer a new approach to the education of schoolchildren. The Captains Foundation, which was founded by the party leader Alexei Nechaev, has been running an entrepreneurship training program in Moscow and 12 regions of Russia for several years. They are ready to scale it all over the country.

“Today we have deployed business teaching faculties in 12 cities,” said Aleksey Nechaev, leader of the New People party. “We plan to expand another 30 faculties so that in September 2022 people can also study entrepreneurship in these cities.”

Leader of the New People party Alexei Nechaev. Photo: Rodion SEVOSTYANOV

The successful entrepreneur said that he once personally tried to conduct an educational program for newcomers from business. But I quickly realized that his solid experience and age were frightening. Therefore, it was decided to involve students in teaching business skills to schoolchildren. Moreover, there are already some successes.

“More than 10,000 schoolchildren have passed through our programs in Moscow alone, and over the entire period, 100,000 have already completed our programs throughout Russia,” explained the Deputy Dean of the Captains Business Faculty at the PRUE. GV Plekhanova, head of the School of Business network of business clubs for schoolchildren Ivan Moruchkov.

60% want to have their own business
There is a myth that Russia is not well suited for doing business. Say, the residents of the country do not have a business streak, they do not want to take risks, striving with all their might to find a job in large corporations or government organizations. But recent opinion polls show that Russians increasingly view their future as businessmen.

What exactly is done for this? They study the market situation, look for investments and save money for start-up capital, select employees and purchase equipment. True, all the same polls show a lack of business skills among potential businessmen.

“Entrepreneurship has its own charm – independence and independence,” adds Valery Fedorov. – But the existing educational infrastructure is clearly lame on both legs. This applies to the acquisition of business skills both in school and in universities. “

Scale to the whole country
Several business students “Captains” talked about their entrepreneurial experiences. Many of them have been trying to build their own companies since the age of 14-15. They began to earn money only at the age of 20, after learning entrepreneurship. They say that the first income could have been received earlier. If only they had been taught at school how to become millionaires.