How to hang curtains without dizziness and love walking up stairs: 10 benefits of yoga

International Yoga Day is celebrated for the sixth time

There is hardly a person in the modern world who has never heard of yoga. At the mere mention of this word, an image of a skinny Indian in a loincloth emerges in front of his eyes, who easily walks on burning coals, sleeps on nails and sits in the lotus position all day.

In honor of Yoga Day, which is celebrated all over the world for the sixth time, “KP” talked with yoga instructor Natalia Kotova, who told about the benefits of daily classes.

benefits of yoga

  1. Yoga and a healthy body
  • A person who is engaged in physical activity receives some of the benefits, as with physical yoga (dynamic). Both there and there the musculoskeletal structure of the body is strengthened, – says Natalya Kotova. – But when we go to the gym, we increase the muscles due to hypertrophy of muscle mass. And yoga allows you to work out more deep layers of muscle tissue, ligamentous structures, tendon.

Of course, thanks to yoga, you won’t be able to pump up your ass. But if you set a goal and choose the right training program, then you can work out the necessary muscle groups and give them shape.

  1. Yoga and internal organs

In addition to the outer shell – the body, yoga has a beneficial effect on the internal organs, in particular, it maintains them in normal working order and prevents their prolapse.

With regular exercise, the lymphatic system begins to work better.

  1. Yoga and stretching

Any woman no, no, yes, and at least once thought about stretching like a gymnast or a ballerina.

“In childhood, the ligaments are more elastic, so stretching is achieved rather quickly,” says Natalya Kotova. – Each adult has its own base, however, a certain stretch radius can be achieved, but only with regular training. This is not once a week or a month. At least three times a week.

Some asanas allow you to stretch your entire body. So do not limit yourself to one twine, you can also stretch the sacrum, open the thoracic region, and, finally, say goodbye to pain in the chest area.

  1. Yoga and weight loss

“The situation here is not easy,” the instructor immediately warns. – Yes, it seems that many calories are not wasted during training. But this issue should be considered globally. With regular exercise, we get a significant endorphin charge, and this already allows us to look at our nutrition differently, give up the habitual excess and stop overeating. The body gets used to absorbing only what it needs and at the same time moving a lot more.