How these college graduates started the Start-ups amid Coronavirus Pandemic


In early 2020 coronavirus has shut down many businesses, Industries, and manufacturing, which has created a loss of billions of dollars. Many businesses even went bankrupt as well. While everyone was isolated in their home there were three final-year college graduates. Who were working day and night to lunch their startup “Snackcess”.

While they were isolating themselves they realized that many businesses were shut down. It can be hard for them to get into the job market. But, it was an opportunity for them to start a new business because most physical businesses were shut down. So, it can be a very good time to start a business that can easily operate from home.

Joshua Barley, Sonny Drinkwater, and Kieran Fitzgerald were studying at the University of Birmingham. Joshua and sonny were studying Nutrition whereas Kieran was studying the benefit of exchanging gifts in the workplace as a final year project. They sum up their ideas and came up with the idea of making healthy snacks for the employee working from home.

Snackcess is a startup that provides a gift of healthy food to the employee working from home. They started working from Sonny’s parent garage. In the beginning months, they only sold five boxes of healthy snacks. From packaging to marketing they did everything by themselves.

The main problem with their startup is cost reduction. Anyone can buy these healthy snacks from some random grocery website. But, they came up with the idea of buying the snacks directly from the manufacture, decreasing their cost.

Later on, starting in august they got big clients including HSBC, Lululemon, and Iress. After getting these large corporates, the snack box demand increased from 5 boxes to 800 boxes. Within a couple of months, they made a turnover of $10000.

We never thought that we would come across this, as we have started the startup in the midst of pandemics, resulting in success. It was meant to be short-term, but we didn’t expect such huge growth, but now we have to think long-term, said Co-founder Joshua.

They told that if you have an idea that can bring changes work on it every day. Even if it is a small move make it unless you create a real product for your business. “No one can create business overnight it takes time to create a product for your business”.