How CEO & Founder Alexander Martino Led The Scaling Group LLC To 8 Figures

The Scaling Group is one of the largest companies in the digital space. It is a full-service digital marketing company specializing in helping grow e-commerce ventures for investors. The Scaling Group takes pride in its advanced technical expertise and team of digital marketers who deliver beyond expertise. The company has worked with a diverse set of clients, including some globally recognized brands, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram, and many others.

The Scaling Group was established by Alexander Martino, who also serves as the CEO. Alexander is 24 years old, an entrepreneur, and one of the consistent business people in the space. He is known for his exceptional work ethic and unmatched strategies to establish a consistent growth pattern for all his ventures.

At only 19, Alexander already managed one of the largest business portfolios with over 400 accounts. It’s just incredible to think of the level of oversight, and data Alexander had at his young age. His entrepreneurial approach helps him see every change to the e-commerce algorithm and cash flow through Facebook Ads. It’s a unique strategy that has provided him with cutting-edge results for clients. Today, Alexander only spends four hours a month running ads and still makes huge returns.

However, launching The Scaling Group and guiding it to success has not been a walk in the park. He has faced numerous challenges, including tons of “traditional” positive influences, but they weren’t knowledgeable about what works today for e-commerce. It took him a while to understand how these influences negatively affected him and his business. But with hard work and dedication, Alexander was able to unravel the puzzle and overcome the challenge.

Having a positive mindset also helped him overcome many challenges and hurdles.

“Another obstacle came once I moved back from college and didn’t know where life was headed. I ended up laying low and off the grid for a year and did nothing but work. I attribute that to the success I’ve achieved. I put in exponentially more hours than most would. There are a lot of risks and sacrifices that go into this.” Alexander says.

Part of Alexander’s secret for success has been his desire to learn. Aside from being informed, continuous learning has been significant in gaining him a competitive advantage over his competition.

It also allows him to meet new faces and learn from experienced people and older entrepreneurs. Alexander believes people can also learn from how he approaches the whole business model, makes the sales, and what is working to provide unprecedented returns for his clients today.

Having achieved such significant success at a young age, Alexander can only believe in nothing more than exponential growth.

Alexander states, “Everything that I envisioned for myself in the next few years has happened within a month. I’m trying to be a billionaire and buy a private jet before I’m 28. I also can’t wait to be networking at a higher level – have a solid network of people who all help each other out.”