“How can you turn away from the person you grow up”: Native illegitimate son Igor Krutoy ask him to come round

Elena Ekareva personally communicated with the music producer, but did not expect the story to end so sadly

Muscovite Yakov Sergeevich Miroshnikov suddenly became Yakov Igorevich Krutoy about a year ago. The fact that the capital’s lawyer is actually the illegitimate son of the composer, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” was first told by his “documentary” father Sergei Miroshnikov.

The man decided on such revelations when 28-year-old Yakov, whom he considered his son all this time, suddenly broke off all relations with him. I didn’t even congratulate you on your birthday! Then he asked his father to check out of the Moscow apartment, re-register the documents for him, and then promptly changed both his surname and patronymic …

Komsomolskaya Pravda has already talked about this strange love story.

Muscovite Sergei Miroshnikov met Iryna Kazulina in 1987 – he got into a conversation in a store with a pretty young saleswoman. We started dating, but soon Sergei was taken into the army. The girl, as he believed, had been waiting for him for all these two years. Therefore, immediately after demobilization – an offer and a wedding in early 1989. True, the life of a young family somehow did not work out right away – after a couple of weeks, Irina began to ask her husband for an overnight stay with her friend. Because of this, they quarreled. And then Irina told Sergei that she was pregnant. Miroshnikov says – he doubted that this was his child, but swore that she would never be with anyone else. Yasha was born on July 2, 1989.

Five years later, Irina and Sergei still divorced. Although Miroshnikov continued to communicate with his son, he helped with money.

Everything changed in 2019. (At that time, Irina had already managed after a long illness). And Yakov suddenly told Sergei that his real father … Igor Krutoy. Yes, yes, that one. Composer. Which “I love you to tears” and “The hijacker” wrote. Then Yakov confirmed his relationship with Igor Krutoy with DNA tests and changed his patronymic with his last name.